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The gameplan and checklist are on their way to your email!

Congrats on getting this gameplan to start sustainable healthy eating! It comes with the checklist to build daily success in your weight loss and business goals.

It's a quick guide to saying yes to yourself and your goals without feeling guilty or mentally weak. Now you're officially on your path to freedom and fitness!

Check your email (and maybe your spam folder) a message from reggie@fitforfreelance.com

Questions? Feedback? No email? Send me a message at reggie@fitforfreelance.com

Want to Confidently Navigate Healthy Eating without Crash Diets?

Easy-to-follow rules are a great start to sustainable, healthy eating. Knowing why you're doing the things and getting more in-depth knowledge makes it even easier.

If you're ready to keep your promises to yourself and let your health support your life, the Full Plate Sessions online nutrition education course is perfect for you.

These on-demand videos, broken into snack-sized clips, simplify healthy eating at home and in restaurants. This makes weight loss and having more energy easy!