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Stop Yo Yo Dieting if You Want to Lose Weight
​Stop Yo-Yo Dieting if You Want to Lose Weight Do you get stuck with your weight loss and end up[...]
Action Bronson Weight Loss
Action Bronson Weight Loss- how he dropped 130 pounds!Action Bronson, the entertaining rapper/ chef/ tv host/ author aka Mr. Baklava[...]
Entrepreneur Goals- Setting Successful 90-day Goals
Entrepreneur Goals for Adaptive Business Leaders Ready to set quarterly business or health goals? There are tons of reasons and[...]
Self Compassion for Weight Loss & Guilt-free Resilience
Self Compassion for Weight Loss and Guilt-free Resilience!It's easy to think the way to our goals is being tougher on[...]
Weight Loss Discipline and Motivation Can Be Easy
Weight loss discipline doesn't mean you have to train like a Navy SEAL Controversial take- hardcore disciplinarian approaches by military[...]
Coronavirus Fear, Anxiety? 9 Tips to EMPOWER
COVID-19 got you stressed?You're not the only one! All the coronavirus fear, anxiety, and guilt makes it hard to feel[...]
Easy Home Workout- Get Lean In and After Quarantine
You're ready to get in gear and get lean in quarantine... You're looking for an easy home workout- you haven't[...]
Stop Wasting Time on Facebook!
​You're ready to stop wasting time on Facebook!You don't have to be productive every minute of every day, but do[...]
Achieve Your Goals by Making them SMART!
​Did you achieve your goals in 2019?​End of year (and decade) is a great time to review ​progress and set[...]