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How to Start a Diet for Entrepreneurs
How to Start a Diet- The Secret for Entrepreneur Motivation When researching how to start a diet, how to stay[...]
How to Lose Weight by Eating Healthy Masterclass
How to Lose Weight by Eating Healthy MasterclassWondering how to lose weight by eating healthy?This session is perfect for you[...]
Daily Fiber Intake- What 2 out of 3 People Get Wrong
Daily Fiber Intake- What 2 out of 3 People Get WrongResearch shows that many people understand the health benefits of[...]
​Guilt-free Gameplan Success: ​Jules’s Path to Self-discovery
Guilt-free Gameplan Success: Jules's Path to Self-discoveryJules was tired of feeling like something was wrong with her when typical all-or-nothing[...]
Starting a Diet? Watch THIS First!
​Starting a Diet? Watch THIS First!Do you HATE all or nothing diets, so you quit as soon as you reach[...]
Fit for Freelance Review: Chris Lost 20 Pounds, Has More Energy for Kids
Fit for Freelance Review: How Chris Dropped 20 Pounds and Has More Energy for His KidsChris noticed his weight creeping[...]
Guilt free Gameplan Review: How Carley Re-learned to Love Her Body
Guilt free Gameplan Review: How Carley Built Consistency and Re-learned to Love Her BodyCarley's struggle with finding a routine caused[...]
Lane Kiffin Weight Loss- How Your Accountability INSPIRES Others
What Lane Kiffin's Weight Loss Teaches Us About Accountability Lane Kiffin, head coach at Ole Miss football, just lost about[...]
​3 Secrets to Clean Eating for Weight Loss
3 Secrets to Clean Eating for Weight LossWhat is clean eating? How do you do it? I bet you’re finally[...]
Jennifer Lopez Birthday Bikini- STUNNING at 52!
Jennifer Lopez Birthday Bikini- 52 looks GREAT on her!Jennifer Lopez in St. Tropez- doesn't she look amazing at 52?  You[...]
Jaw Closing Device for Weight Loss, DentalSlim, is Polarizing
The POLARIZING new jaw-closing device for weight loss, DentalSlim Tell me right now- would you get your jaw magnetized shut?[...]
Wegovy Weight Loss Shot FDA Approved, but Is It the Solution?
Wegovy is FDA approved, but is it the solution? Wegovy weight loss injections have been approved- can they help you?[...]