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Lane Kiffin Weight Loss- How Your Accountability INSPIRES Others

What Lane Kiffin’s Weight Loss Teaches Us About AccountabilityLane Kiffin, head coach at Ole Miss football, just lost about 30 pounds in the 2020-2021 off-season. So I made a video about his anaconda quote, how he lost weight, how he used his team to hold him accountable, how it’s motivating his team, and what Lane […]

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Jennifer Lopez Birthday Bikini- STUNNING at 52!

Jennifer Lopez Birthday Bikini- 52 looks GREAT on her!Jennifer Lopez in St. Tropez- doesn’t she look amazing at 52?  You don’t have to be JLo or 52 years old to look and feel great in a swimsuit.  If you’re inspired, you can start today with this demo of one of her workouts. Here’s the workout I […]

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Action Bronson Weight Loss

Action Bronson Weight Loss- how he dropped 130 pounds!Action Bronson, the entertaining rapper/ chef/ tv host/ author aka Mr. Baklava aka Bronsolini aka Bam Bam is leading the healthy, fulfilling life of his dreams. Action Bronson weight loss is a popular topic while he’s promoting his new book- he’s down 130 pounds in the year since […]

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