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Jennifer Lopez Birthday Bikini- STUNNING at 52!

Jennifer Lopez Birthday Bikini- 52 looks GREAT on her!Jennifer Lopez in St. Tropez- doesn’t she look amazing at 52?  You don’t have to be JLo or 52 years old to look and feel great in a swimsuit.  If you’re inspired, you can start today with this demo of one of her workouts. Here’s the workout I […]

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Self Compassion for Weight Loss & Guilt-free Resilience

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Self Compassion for Weight Loss and Guilt-free Resilience! It’s easy to think the way to our goals is being tougher on ourselves, especially when trying to change our habits. People take on all or nothing diets, unrealistic workout schedules, and my least favorite, harsh self-criticism. We act like the secret to success is tough talk from […]

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