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Bob O. Bond Attorney / Dad

Losing weight, batting great!

One belt notch skinnier! People are calling me svelte, which is apparently what you call a hairy man who loses a bit of weight. Last week, the team ordered new jerseys, but accidentally got me a large instead of an XL. Surprisingly, it fits (although I'd like more room in the chest and shoulders). Great way to start a season!

Sam F. Data Analyst / Consultant

I succeeded in my main goal- to refocus on taking care of myself

I had 2 desserts and NO ICE CREAM, which was a very big accomplishment for me. I lost 4 pounds and 2” from my waist. Coming into this challenge, I was worried that I was changing too much at once and would not succeed. But I found the guidelines to help me, the group to motivate me, and even though I faltered in some areas, I felt that I succeeded in my main goal- to refocus on taking care of myself.

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I'm here for you! Get health and mindset tips for sustainable weight loss as I (usually) practice what I preach =)

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how challenging it can be to stay in shape with all the responsibilities and priorities of adult life. I also know how crucial health is to enjoying what you love in life and work.

Having the right Gameplan for you lets you make simple changes for sustainable weight loss. And NO, you don't have to be a burden to others, or torture yourself with 7 hardcore workouts a week and restrictive diets!

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