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Bob O. Bond Attorney / Dad

Losing weight, batting great!

One belt notch skinnier! People are calling me svelte, which is apparently what you call a hairy man who loses a bit of weight. Last week, the team ordered new jerseys, but accidentally got me a large instead of an XL. Surprisingly, it fits (although I'd like more room in the chest and shoulders). Great way to start a season!

Sam F. Data Analyst / Consultant

I succeeded in my main goal- to refocus on taking care of myself

I had 2 desserts and NO ICE CREAM, which was a very big accomplishment for me. I lost 4 pounds and 2” from my waist. Coming into this challenge, I was worried that I was changing too much at once and would not succeed. But I found the guidelines to help me, the group to motivate me, and even though I faltered in some areas, I felt that I succeeded in my main goal- to refocus on taking care of myself.

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