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Surprise! Your Diet Started When You Were Born

“Start” vs Change: Diet and exercise are not seasonal things; they’re earthly existence, physical life things. Diet and exercise are not something you start with a new year. They ARE. They WILL BE, as long as you are living, breathing, metabolizing, and physically existing here.You don’t really “start” a diet; you change the one you already […]

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Fit for Freelance Testimonial: Beating Burnout and Losing Weight

Fit for Freelance Testimonial: Beating Burnout and Losing WeightLindsay was burnt out from all the changes in her life and business, making it hard to enjoy her work and feel effective in it.   She was feeling old and achy, like she couldn’t move her body. But she’s only in her 30’s and realized she has a […]

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How to Start a Diet for Entrepreneurs

How to Start a Diet- The Secret for Entrepreneur MotivationWhen researching how to start a diet, how to stay consistent, how to maintain a healthy diet, how to stay on a diet without cheating- finding diet info isn’t the problem.  There are plenty of sites with diet techniques and tips! Many will work (though some are […]

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Starting a Diet? Watch THIS First!

Starting a Diet? Watch THIS First!Do you HATE all or nothing diets, so you quit as soon as you reach your goal, or sooner? Then your results don’t stay? What this Mount Everest doctor says will make you think differently about setting goals! Check out this video with the key to starting a diet- realistic […]

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Entrepreneur Goals- Setting Successful 90-day Goals

Entrepreneur Goals for Adaptive Business LeadersReady to set quarterly business or health goals?There are tons of reasons and excuses to get stuck, casually implementing, and not hitting our entrepreneur goals.  So you are doing the exact same thing you were doing  3 months ago, or at the beginning of the year, like that New Year’s Eve […]

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