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How Lindsay Beat Burnout and Dropped 2 Pants Sizes

Lindsay was burned out from all the changes in her life and business. It was hard for her to enjoy and feel effective in her work. She felt old and achy, like she couldn't move her body. But she's only in her 30's and realized she has a long time to feel that bad... unless she made some changes.

She also had a history of changing her health from a negative space. "Go big or go home" approaches didn't work. She wondered why she couldn't hold herself accountable. And she didn't want to do a ton of research and second guessing to find a system that would work for her.

Lindsay realized, "The only way I was going to be successful is if I had the help of someone holding me accountable and helping to adapt the plan so that I don't rethink it too many times on my own."

So, she got the Guilt-free Gameplan to prioritize her health and business goals. Her custom plan helped her adapt to create realistic and sustainable health habits. We also designed the Burnout Assessment Test to measure and reduce her stress.

Now, she takes better care of her mindset and health. Her waist measurement went down two jeans sizes. She increased personalized scores in presence and energy. She raised her average daily steps from 5,500/day to 8,000 per day.

Most importantly,  she decreased her burnout score to normal levels (case study video). Now she has more energy to take care of daily tasks, which brings a lot more calm to her work with her clients and peers. Read the transcript blog post.

Jules's Path to Self-discovery with the Guilt-free Gameplan

Jules thought something was wrong when all-or-nothing diets and workout plans didn't work. She needed energy and stamina successful in her active after-work role but was forcing it and burning out. The long hours of being a community leader made it hard to find time for exercise and healthy meals.

The Guilt-free Gameplan helped her create health habits that work for her schedule.

Jules loved how every decision was hers instead of having a generic plan to tell her what to do! "It's already in you, it's part of you, it's about redirecting and not letting it go or throwing it away or saying, 'I need to get rid of that part of me.'"

According to Jules herself,  it's not about wanting to lose weight, a number of daily steps, or wanting to climb a mountain... It's about empowering yourself to reach any attainable goal in your journey. Read the transcript blog post

How Chris Dropped 20 Pounds and Has More Energy for His Kids

Chris noticed his weight creeping up, but a moment of acute stress led him to the doctor. He was fine… except his stress and cholesterol were too high.

His shifting work schedule made finding time for exercise and healthy meals hard. The Guilt-free Gameplan gave him fast expertise to understand nutrition and simple changes.

Chris loved how the Vision and Focus exercise made daily health decisions feel natural. His main focus? Having more energy for his kids!

His training plan makes moving and playing with his little ones easy. He also enjoys mental clarity at work and superhero recall of specific details and stats.

His cholesterol is down, and he’s 20 pounds lighter
. My favorite result was how he started scheduling (and keeping) time for his needs, like his health.

Now he’s got more energy for kindness and empathy for everyone, including the ones he loves most! Read the transcript blog post

How Carley Re-learned to Love Her Body with the Guilt-free Gameplan

Carley's struggle to find a routine caused her weight to fluctuate. She felt self-conscious instead of confident. This led to her trying restrictive fad diets, feeling out of control, etc. for the last four years.

She decided it was time to make a change, so she got the Guilt-free Gameplan for guidance and coaching. She also got confidence, self-love, and consistency. Carley liked the accountability of weekly calls as she built realistic health habits. 

The benefits trickled into her work, career, income, and travel goals. She launched her dream businessIn the Kitchen with Carley. She lost weight too.

Now, she's as ready as ever to spread positivity and inspire people around her! Read the transcript post
Bob O. Bond Attorney / Dad

Losing weight, batting great!

One belt notch skinnier! People are calling me svelte, which is apparently what you call a hairy man who loses a bit of weight. Last week, the team ordered new jerseys, but accidentally got me a large instead of an XL. Surprisingly, it fits (although I'd like more room in the chest and shoulders). Great way to start a season!

Summer B. Mom and Nursing Student

“I liked the fact that you were holding me accountable."

I needed a challenge and I like the fact that you were holding me accountable by asking how I was doing during the challenge. ​When I saw you were doing the challenge yourself with no drinking, I gotta say that’s what truly grabbed my attention.

Bob O Bond Attorney / Dad

One Belt Notch Skinnier (and a Championship!)

One belt notch skinnier! People are calling me svelte, which is apparently what you call a hairy man who loses a bit of weight. Before the challenge, my stats through 10 games were:

.225 batting average/ .314 on base %/ .247 slugging, with on base plus slugging (OPS) of .561.

Fall ball started right after the challenge. The first day, I made a diving catch I would've had no chance at in the Spring.

My energy and confidence are very high- went 2 for 4 at the plate against one of the best pitchers in the league. Got a compliment that I was faster last weekend (not from my wife, from a teammate). My post Fit for Freelance training numbers were Through 9 games this season:

.388/.492 /.429 with OPS of .920. Moving up in the batting order too.

Last week, the team ordered new jerseys, but accidentally got me a large instead of an XL. Surprisingly, it fits (although I'd like more room in the chest and shoulders). Great way to start a season! (Bob's team won the championship that season)

Sam F. Data Analyst / Consultant

I succeeded in my main goal- to refocus on taking care of myself

I had 2 desserts and NO ICE CREAM, which was a very big accomplishment for me. I lost 4 pounds and 2” from my waist. Coming into this challenge, I was worried that I was changing too much at once and would not succeed. But I found the guidelines to help me, the group to motivate me, and even though I faltered in some areas, I felt that I succeeded in my main goal- to refocus on taking care of myself.

Brett G. Engineer / Dad

I thought I would mess up...

keeping up with the exercise. [My fear] did not come true. I was able to consistently wake up in the morning before work to get in exercise. The improved work/life balance has lowered the stress and helped with my sleep and waking up at 5:30am. My favorite result was improved energy and body image.