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If you want sustainable weight loss that lets you live and enjoy things not exactly perfect for health once in a while, I got you.

Does this sound familiar? I'm here because I...

  • want to be a little leaner in the midsection (more definition, more tone, lower body fat percentage)
  • don't like when diets and exercise plans are 100% or nothing. I need slippage room so I can still have a good time
  • want to grow my business, but have a tough time with consistency, focus, and discipline
  • struggle to take time for myself while dealing with all the responsibilities that have come in the last few years
  • want to get fit without feeling mentally weak or a burden to my business and family
  • want accountability and leadership of a coach, instead of having to research and plan my own workouts

If any or all of these apply, you're in the right place!

Hey there! I'm Reggie Wilson, and I'm excited to help you lose weight and become an adaptive business leader with compassionate health coaching.

I want to create a society where every entrepreneur knows how to lead the healthy, fulfilling life of their dreams- not trapped by extremely restrictive diets or feeling guilty taking time for themselves.

I know I can make a big impact by helping people like you shift the perspective of healthy living. I want to give you the tools to go outside of fads that make you feel mentally weak.

Together, we'll build your Guilt-free Gameplan- a sustainable, adaptive health coaching process- so you have accountability and fun reaching your weight loss and business goals!

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"It's Ya Boy"

My passion and career are about making it easy for people to understand health science and match their choices to their goals:

  • Started a freelance medical education writing business, rephrasing science so different audiences can use it
  • 7+ years of public health work in nutrition education and health policy education to create healthier environments and workplaces

I've got a Masters in Medical Sciences, grad certificate in Positive Behavior Support, Bachelors in Nutrition, plus I'm a Certified Worksite Wellness Program Manager, and Certified Personal Trainer.

But all that's boring- I do it because I want to help you feel confident while you enjoy the important things in life! I'm talking about better family time, smooth, productive days of work, and feeling great in (or out of) your clothes.

I simplify and coach habits so you know what to do, why it's important, and how to make health a fun part of your life without feeling guilty or like a burden to others. The skills we practice together apply to the big goals in your business and life.

Some Fun Facts About Me...

Actually read and teach friends medical science for fun

Frequent salsa dancer and occasional rugby player

President of American Medical Writers Association Florida Chapter, and twice-selected presenter to national conference

Signed up, trained for, and ran a second marathon after completing the first one

Love hip hop and connecting samples to the classics

Practice calligraphy with a fountain pen and ink collection

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If you're too busy for your health, it's keeping you from your best work

  • Productivity losses linked to missing work cost employers $1,685 per employee each year.
  • Full-time workers who are overweight or obese and have other chronic health problems miss about 450 million more days of work each year than healthy workers. The result is an estimated cost of more than $153 billion in lost productivity each year.
  • A 1% reduction in excess weight and high blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels has been shown to save $83 to $103 annually in medical costs per person. (CDC Workplace Health Promotion)

These costs are a health tax for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Imagine paying cash for lost productivity, less enjoyment, and worse health outcomes!

The best companies use wellness programs to protect their people, resources, and bottom lines. Entrepreneurship has its benefits, but a worksite wellness coordinator hasn’t been one of them. Until now...

Why Fit for Freelance?

Most importantly, I know the small habits that gradually add up to overall "being in shape" apply directly to building a business. The things we might skip or make excuses for- "I can't do this because other people need me/ I don't want some dumb rules to keep me from having fun"- are the mindset challenges that keep us from reaching our weight loss and business goals.

I started personal training because I know the joy of fitness, and love teaching people how to work out so they feel confident in all areas of their lives.

I started freelance medical education writing (Wilson Medical Writing) because everyone should be able to improve their quality of life through astonishing, sometimes hard-to-understand science research. I also hate driving to the office in traffic and asking someone else for time off work.

I started Fit for Freelance because millions of our remote working and self-employed colleagues aren't living the work-life balance they imagined. Without preventive health education, they're losing joy, energy, and productivity today, while increasing their risk of chronic disease and premature death.

I chose entrepreneurs because we're self-starters that just need a little guidance that fit and enhance our new work and family responsibilities. We don't want research and taking care of ourselves to be a burden, but we work hard to make big things happen when we know the Gameplan. It's more fun and sustainable than you think!

Own Your Path to Becoming an Adaptive Business Leader

Mission We make health an engaging part of the entrepreneur's journey by inspiring confident ownership of their path to freedom and fitness

Vision Every entrepreneur knows how to lead the healthy, fulfilling life of their dreams

Values Ownership. Compassion. Adaptive. Science-based. Engaging.

Welcome to Fit for Freelance. Let's Get Started!

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