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​Download your calendar, ​Make a deposit

1: Click your symbol to view your calendar with challenge dates and how much water your body needs!

2: Click the printer icon in the window that pops up, or download it to print it soon

3: Scroll down this page to make your recommended accountability deposit

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Teen under 16? Get permission, ​then use the calendar on the right

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86% of people who make a deposit found it helps them keep their commitment. It's an optional, but KEY step to keep you motivated in your toughest moments!

(Note: deposit is to the parent company, Wilson Medical Writing LLC)

I'm in this for the long run- your trust, referrals, and patronage are my business's most valuable assets.

You can use any method to keep you accountable, but the recommended $​325 accountability deposit to Fit for Freelance signals that we're both ​counting on you to complete the challenge. This added layer of accountability can be the difference in tough moments. ​I fully ​plan to return all of your money because I know the deposit means you're taking it seriously!

​Read exactly what happens to the accountability deposit