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Entrepreneur Wellness- Top Posts for Productivity

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​Fit for Freelance turned "one" on September 12th!

​The entrepreneur wellness blog aims to improve your productivity and health so you enjoy the reasons you work. Here are some top posts to review or start- click the titles or pictures to read the posts!

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Exercise May Boost Work Productivity by 12%

As an entrepreneur, it's easy to see exercise as taking away from work time. It's not always fun, and you might miss how it could ever help your business and work productivity. 

But there's much more to the picture. Whether just taking more breaks, standing more often, working with an online personal trainer, or training for a big race, research shows physical activity is good for business productivity, and can reduce health care costs in employers of all sizes. Exercise lets you feel great, work better, and enjoy the reasons you work. 

Reduce Stress Now: 6 Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs

It's never fun- that heart-racy, sweaty, mental haze, complete with clumsy fingers and choice words.

You've got to meet someone's unrealistic expectations with too much going on at once, with your crazy family or to-do list, or you've waited until the last minute to finish a project.

​So now you're wondering how to relieve stress and anxiety.  Maybe you're even one of the people searching for stress relief products, foods, and pills. 

But what about the free and natural ways to relieve stress? Here's how entrepreneurs like you can feel great and work better:

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2 Fears Blocking Your Business and Health Goals

​We ​trick ourselves into believing we're completely in control of our choices. But if you were really in charge, how do you end up doing so many things you said you wouldn't?

​Would you still carry extra weight, procrastinate, and ​waste time doing everything except what you say is important? It's time to identify and overcome fear.

Anxiety? Perfectionism? How to Stop Self Criticism ASAP

Are you a perfectionist with a "strong type A personality," or do people say you are?

Want to know how to stop being so hard on yourself and your work?

Being particular is good. But unchecked, perfectionism can be crippling and lead to our persistent enemy: procrastination.

Research also links self-criticism to vulnerability to depression, so you want to be careful how you do it!​

An entrepreneur in a Facebook group asked, "Does anybody have any tips on how to not be so critical of your own work?" 

The answer has lessons ​applicable to all areas of our lives. I took a deep dive on it; here are some mindset tips to stop self criticism so you feel great and work better!

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Motivation- 5 Tips for Frustrated Entrepreneurs

Moments when business isn't going smoothly- your webinar recording isn't working how you planned, the project feels like it has a mind of its own, technology problems, you can't connect with your audience how you'd like, etc. 

You lose productivity when you question whether the task you're working on is worth it. If you hit enough setbacks, you start to doubt yourself, or wonder if this project or business are for you at all.

The good thing is you aren't worthless, and you don't have to start a whole new business. Here are ​five ways to motivate yourself so you feel great and work better!

What to Do Instead of Intermittent Fasting

By now, you've probably heard of intermittent fasting as a trendy way to lose weight. The ancient practice of choosing not to eat or drink during certain time periods has seen a renewal in the past few years. There are plenty of books, online programs, protocols, and real experts on intermittent fasting. There are also bro-scientists who will tell you what they've heard, but not how to do it right or what to look out for.

Read why you might, or might not do intermittent fasting, and my easy recommendation for what to do instead!

​Thanks for reading and supporting the journey!

I hope the blog,  free guide on How to Take a Break, 28-day Health Habits Challenge, and custom online personal training help you accomplish your goals! If you have any questions, requests, or ideas, email me at reggie@fitforfreelance.com.


Mission: To improve entrepreneurs' productivity and health so they enjoy the reasons they work.

Vision: Every entrepreneur knows how to improve their life through better health.

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