Lane Kiffin Weight Loss- How Your Accountability INSPIRES Others

What Lane Kiffin's Weight Loss Teaches Us About Accountability

Lane Kiffin, head coach at Ole Miss football, just lost about 30 pounds in the 2020-2021 off-season. So I made a video about his anaconda quote, how he lost weight, how he used his team to hold him accountable, how it's motivating his team, and what Lane Kiffin weight loss has to do with you taking ownership of your path to freedom and fitness.

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Lane Kiffin in the 2020 season

"I saw a picture of me at the bowl game last year and told the players I looked like an anaconda that had swallowed a deer and the deer got stuck in his neck."

Lane Kiffin at 46 years old, noted his dad, the legendary 81 year old Monte Kiffin, former Tampa Bay Bucs coach who now works with Lane at Ole Miss, was looking good. Monte is very mobile and an excellent example of fitness.

Lane also said, "Here I am in the postseason meetings back in January telling my offensive linemen and other guys that they need to eat better, lose weight, and get in better shape."

Lead your community by being the example

When you want to have other people have a result, you need to lead the way- especially when it comes to sports coaching, leading a business, leading your family, anything like that. Don't just point fingers; make sure you're taking action and holding yourself accountable. It signals that we have confidence and we take ourselves seriously, which empowers your whole program.

Lane Kiffin Weight Loss- How Coach Kiffin lost weight

A strict diet, exercise routine, Pilates, yoga, and running were the keys to Coach Kiffin's transformation (we don't do "strict," let's make a Gameplan that fits your needs). He's 6'3, he went from 245 pounds down to 210, and here's a picture of him after, at August 8th's practice. He's looking good, feeling good, he's down 35 pounds, that had an impact on his team.

Read more on ESPN: Ole Miss Rebels football coach Lane Kiffin preaching accountability to team after losing 30 pounds in offseason

lane kiffin weight loss

Lane Kiffin weight loss motivates his team

When you get this accountability going for yourself, you're naturally empowering and inspiring others around you. Kiffin also got his other coaches on it; his staff is doing a $200 each, winner takes all weight loss competition. He's creating a movement in his team where people are becoming inspired by his accountability.

Ownership is a core value of Fit for Freelance, and accountability is a pillar of the Guilt-Free Framework. We build confidence, realistic focus, and accountability to help people reach their weight loss and business goals.

self-compassion for weight loss

(As a compassion-focused health coach, I don't recommend weight loss competitions. There are tons of reasons, but that's a topic for a separate video.)

Who will you inspire when you take ownership of your path to freedom and fitness?

You never know who you're inspiring. I take any challenge I launch with my clients, like the free Health Habits Tryouts. Anything I roll out for development with my people, I want to lead the way- I think that's crucial. If you have someone in your family or someone who's close to you who you are trying to get them to make a change, it's a good idea to take accountability for that for yourself in your own life, and your own path to freedom of fitness.

August 9, 2021 (when I recorded this video) was the fifth anniversary of my company, Wilson Medical Writing, and I know that when I am inspiring people- when I'm doing what I find purpose in- I'm inspiring others around me and building a community.  Thanks for your support!

If this resonates with you- if this is giving you something to think about, or if you want to join up, I've got that seven day health habits tryouts as a free challenge with some health tips and strategies that come straight to your email inbox, so you can get started today on your path to freedom and fitness. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, if you'd like.

How the Guilt-free Framework builds accountability

Are you tired of starting and stopping weight loss plans?

Without the right support, starting new health habits can be too big of an adjustment, and it doesn’t go well. You go for a month, you fall off, you feel mentally weak, like you're not good enough. Then you start beating yourself up. It's a terrible way to lose weight.

What we want to do is keep you from feeling lost, keep you from being a stuck casual implementer because we know that feels terrible. That's just not the way to do it. That's why the Guilt-free Framework is so important to how I teach this. Stop focusing on the weight loss; focus on staying accountable.

In the Guilt-free Framework, we also call accountability “a process for ownership.” It can look like investing in a coaching program, betting on yourself or against a friend, or making a donation if you break your contract with yourself. Not wanting to lose is usually more motivating than wanting to win.

We want to get you loving your body now so you feel confident again

Without all of the hardcore weight loss plans and all or nothing diets. So having accountability and people around you on the same path, plus that confidence and realistic focus- that's where you get those three beautiful things to come together for an adaptive business leader, starting a clean eating plan, new health habits, or anything you're trying to do.

In Conclusion

The Lane Kiffin weight loss story is just one of many high-profile celebrities showing how people use elements from the Guilt-free Framework to lead the healthy, fulfilling life of their dreams. Leading by example and taking ownership make you, your business, and your community better!

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