How to Start a Diet for Entrepreneurs

How to Start a Diet- The Secret for Entrepreneur Motivation

When researching how to start a diet, how to stay consistent, how to maintain a healthy diet, how to stay on a diet without cheating- finding diet info isn't the problem.

There are plenty of sites with diet techniques and tips! Many will work (though some are made up, dangerous, or poorly informed).

The problem is you'll get answers for what you're searching for- how to start a diet. But not how to make a diet work for you, or how to enjoy lifestyle changes like healthy eating and activity.

It's easy to get stuck and stressed out starting a diet as an entrepreneur- there are so many other things to worry about. But you know you're ready to change something.

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Disliking something- like how your clothes fit- is only a start to a weight loss journey

Not liking something is only a start to a healthier lifestyle. It's like driving in 1st gear- great to get started, but it won't help you reach top speed or cruise control. 

Think about someone you know who starts and stops diets often. Do they start and get all revved up, then get tired of the high churn and effort, wishing they could "downshift" and make it easier? This is common, and there's nothing wrong with them.

Part of the problem is vision. Once you've got the ball rolling, you've got to shift into going towards the vision you have for yourself and success with your goals.

What do you want the healthy, fulfilling life of your dreams to look like?

This is a pillar of the Guilt-free Gameplan. When you are clear on your vision...

you do NOW the things that the higher/ideal version of yourself does, and it's much easier than forcing yourself to do things.

4 tips on how to start a diet and keep it

  1. Set clear vision and values
  2. Focus on the right targets
  3. Let your health support your life, instead of adding it to your list of responsibilities
  4. Practice- execute and adapt

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