Starting a Diet? Watch THIS First!

Starting a Diet? Watch THIS First!

Do you HATE all or nothing diets, so you quit as soon as you reach your goal, or sooner? Then your results don’t stay? What this Mount Everest doctor says will make you think differently about setting goals! Check out this video with the key to starting a diet- realistic focus.

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Starting a diet can feel like climbing Mount Everest

Dr. Ken Kamler is a doctor with 6 treks on the tallest mountain above sea level- he knows a thing or two about the importance of perspective. It's crucial!

It's not about just being on a strict diet where you lose weight, hate the day to day process, then gain all the weight back as soon as you quit.

Your new lifestyle has to be part of the healthy, fulfilling life of your dreams.

Starting a diet needs realistic focus to be sustainable

Realistic focus is a pillar of the Guilt-Free Framework. We build confidence, realistic focus, and accountability to help entrepreneurs reach their weight loss and business goals.

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How the Guilt-free Framework builds realistic focus

Are you tired of starting and stopping weight loss plans?

Without the right support, starting new health habits can be too big of an adjustment, and it doesn’t go well. You go for a month, then fall off feeling mentally weak and like you're not good enough. Then you start beating yourself up. It's a terrible way to lose weight.

In the Guilt-free Framework, realistic focus looks like choosing goals that fit your vision for your life, finding new habits that energize you, and breaking things down so you have a specific, customized plan for what to do and when to do it.

We want to get you loving your body now so you feel confident again

Without all of the hardcore weight loss plans and all or nothing diets. So having realistic focus and people around you on the same path, plus that confidence and accountability- that's where you get those three beautiful things to come together for an adaptive business leader, starting a clean eating plan, new health habits, or anything you're trying to do.

Ready for realistic focus to reach your weight loss and business goals?

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If you're ready to start for free, get the Entrepreneur Health and Business Goals Checklist, with 25 tips to give you more energy and a fast start to your weight loss and business goals. I also have the Plant-based Snack Pack that's a completely free download with a sample of five of the favorite groceries and recipes from the Training Camp.

Both give you energy and confidence when starting a diet, so you remember how to get back to loving your body and taking confident ownership of your path to freedom and fitness.

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