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Surprise! Your Diet Started When You Were Born

“Start” vs Change: Diet and exercise are not seasonal things; they’re earthly existence, physical life things. Diet and exercise are not something you start with a new year. They ARE. They WILL BE, as long as you are living, breathing, metabolizing, and physically existing here.You don’t really “start” a diet; you change the one you already […]

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Fit for Freelance Testimonial: Beating Burnout and Losing Weight

Fit for Freelance Testimonial: Beating Burnout and Losing WeightLindsay was burnt out from all the changes in her life and business, making it hard to enjoy her work and feel effective in it.   She was feeling old and achy, like she couldn’t move her body. But she’s only in her 30’s and realized she has a […]

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How to Start a Diet for Entrepreneurs

How to Start a Diet- The Secret for Entrepreneur MotivationWhen researching how to start a diet, how to stay consistent, how to maintain a healthy diet, how to stay on a diet without cheating- finding diet info isn’t the problem.  There are plenty of sites with diet techniques and tips! Many will work (though some are […]

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How to Lose Weight by Eating Healthy Masterclass

How to Lose Weight by Eating Healthy MasterclassWondering how to lose weight by eating healthy?  This session is perfect for you if you’re not really sure what healthy eating is, so you just try to eat less…  But a diet feels restrictive and too unrealistic to enjoy yourself, so you don’t keep it. Then you feel like […]

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Daily Fiber Intake- What 2 out of 3 People Get Wrong

daily fiber intake blog post

Daily Fiber Intake- What 2 out of 3 People Get WrongResearch shows that many people understand the health benefits of fiber and strive to increase their daily fiber intake.  How often do you eat 5+ servings per day?  The USDA recommends women under 50 years old eat 25 grams of fiber per day, and men under 50 […]

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​Guilt-free Gameplan Success: ​Jules’s Path to Self-discovery

Guilt-free Gameplan Success: Jules’s Path to Self-discoveryJules was tired of feeling like something was wrong with her when typical all-or-nothing diet and workout plans didn’t work.   More importantly, she needed energy and stamina to be successful in her active after-work stage management role.  The long hours of being a community leader made it hard to find […]

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Starting a Diet? Watch THIS First!

Starting a Diet? Watch THIS First!Do you HATE all or nothing diets, so you quit as soon as you reach your goal, or sooner? Then your results don’t stay? What this Mount Everest doctor says will make you think differently about setting goals! Check out this video with the key to starting a diet- realistic […]

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Fit for Freelance Review: Chris Lost 20 Pounds, Has More Energy for Kids

Fit for Freelance Review: How Chris Dropped 20 Pounds and Has More Energy for His KidsChris noticed his weight creeping up, but it was a moment of acute stress that led him to the doctor. He was fine… except his stress and cholesterol were too high.His shifting work schedule made it hard to find time […]

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Guilt free Gameplan Review: How Carley Re-learned to Love Her Body

Guilt free Gameplan Review: How Carley Built Consistency and Re-learned to Love Her BodyCarley’s struggle with finding a routine caused her weight to fluctuate, which led to her to feel self-conscious instead of confident. She would go back and forth trying restrictive fad diets, feeling out of control, etc. for the last 4 years.  She decided […]

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Lane Kiffin Weight Loss- How Your Accountability INSPIRES Others

What Lane Kiffin’s Weight Loss Teaches Us About AccountabilityLane Kiffin, head coach at Ole Miss football, just lost about 30 pounds in the 2020-2021 off-season. So I made a video about his anaconda quote, how he lost weight, how he used his team to hold him accountable, how it’s motivating his team, and what Lane […]

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