​Guilt-free Gameplan Success: ​Jules’s Path to Self-discovery

Guilt-free Gameplan Success: Jules's Path to Self-discovery

Jules was tired of feeling like something was wrong with her when typical all-or-nothing diet and workout plans didn't work. 

More importantly, she needed energy and stamina to be successful in her active after-work stage management role.  

The long hours of being a community leader made it hard to find time for exercise and healthy meals without feeling like she was forcing it or burning out.

She got the Guilt-free Gameplan for compassion and guidance to create health habits that work for her schedule.

Jules loved how every decision was her own instead of having a generic plan tell her what to do! 

It's already in you, it's part of you, it's about redirecting and not letting it go or throwing it away or saying, "I need to get rid of that part of me."

My favorite impact was how she took confident ownership of her chosen path to freedom and fitness. According to Jules herself,  it's not about wanting to lose weight, a number of daily steps, or wanting to climb a mountain...

It's about empowering yourself to reach any attainable goal in your individual journey.

Here's the transcript of her Guilt-free Gameplan success story interview.

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Reggie: All right. So we're here with Jules, a Guilt-Free Gameplan client. Thank you so much for being here and for being such a great client.

Who do you serve? What kind of work do you do?

I have a lot of variety in my life. Most importantly, during the day most of my life is committed to health care and working with seniors and nurse's aids, and nurses, and making sure we find the right match for them in the home for care.

By night I stage manage at a local community theater, so that is a total 180. I'm on my feet all night running around backstage, making sure that the actors and the crew are safe and the show must go on.

On the weekends I volunteer with the Naples Therapeutic Center where we work with children that have disabilities through therapy by riding on horses. Lots of community, giving back.

Reggie: That's good. So community is a big thing that you value here. Can you tell me where that comes from for you?

Guilt-free Gameplan Success: Supporting your values and goals

Jules: It comes from my father. My father, all his life, gave. He was a huge community supporter, helped families. A lot of my life was being support from families and communities as well, being a single father, so that's where the heart comes from. A lot of gratitude inside.

Fit for Freelance review: How did you know it was time for the Gameplan?

I ran into some hardships realizing that I wasn't physically where I needed to be, which was an obstacle for me to do some of my performance, especially stage managing, being on my feet all night or all day.

I knew that was going to be an obstacle, and I came to terms that working in an office nine to five is great, but I wanted more and I was getting too comfortable with sitting all the time. 

That's when I knew I had to make a change inside because I wanted to enjoy what comes with giving.

What mistakes and challenges were you having with your health goals?

"Following and listening to too much online internet garbage. Feeling that whatever anyone else was doing, I could do too and why I wasn't getting the same effects, there must've been something wrong with me. Definitely not embracing who I was and not really paying attention to what I needed, but trying to use pleasing others to compensate for feeling really bad inside."

Reggie: That's huge. I'm sure a lot of people can relate to that and making those transitions, and that's something that definitely got me interested in coaching is seeing the amount of misinformation and kind of the complexity of all the stuff that's out there.

It's hard to make sense of it, even if you've really studied it, so that's part of why I did it. So I was really glad to have you join me.

And that self compassion is a big element. When you start to reach outside of yourself to support others beyond your own boundaries kinds of things, that's something that can challenge your health goals as well and that's one of the core pillars of the Guilt-Free Gameplan.

Guilt-free Gameplan Success: What made the difference for your progress?

The difference of going through the Gameplan? Oh, my stars. It was a self discovery, and what I really appreciated was I discovered.

I discovered all my opportunities that were my strengths, so it was like my opportunities that I thought were obstacles were actually my strengths and I could overcome them and I could turn them into something good.

It's not about changing who you are as the physical, the emotional, it's already in you, it's part of you, it's about redirecting and not letting it go or throwing it away or saying, "I need to get rid of that part of me." No, it's about embracing it and truly using that as a tool to just make you even better and happier.

Reggie: Nice. That's powerful right there. What are some key lessons that you learned from the Guilt-Free Gameplan that you can share?

Guilt-free Gameplan Success: What are some lessons you've learned?

Jules: Habits. Habits were huge for me. I didn't realize that I was doing so much without really thinking or second guessing, and I thought it was good or I knew it wasn't good, but I continued to do it. So habits were huge for me.

Breaking the habits, identifying the habits, discovering the habits, and creating new habits. And it's really, again it's not about recreating a whole different person, it's about finding what's already inside of you and making it work for you.

"It's not about recreating a whole different person, it's about finding what's already inside of you and making it work for you."

How did you feel using the Guilt-free Framework? Was it simple and clear?

Interesting in the beginning because when I first started, I thought okay. You're all hesitant, you're worried, you don't want to fail. You want to kind of always have that winning mentality, like I'm going to accomplish something. I want to do this.

And I did from the beginning, but through each session or consultation I had with you, with Reggie, with each consultation, it was like a light bulb just kept brightening up in my mind.

So it was so much revelations throughout every single week. Every single week became even better and better, and it wasn't ... I can't describe it.

Just the consultations we had, the conversations you have are, again, not about telling you what you have to do, but about you creating what you want to do, and that's the huge difference. 

Someone's not telling you, you're creating and you have someone that's kind of guiding you as you do it. And you realize every decision you make is a decision you made, not a decision someone told you.

"It's not about telling you what you have to do, but about you creating what you want to do, and that's the huge difference. Someone's not telling you, you're creating and you have someone that's kind of guiding you as you do it."

And so it was definitely clear after the first consultation. After the third one, I was like it makes sense. Every time I'd finish a meeting with you, with Reggie, I was like everything completely made sense. It was clear. It was... There was no I can't do this. There was a mentality of I can do this because I created it. Everything I reviewed, everything I identified, I could do. It's an obstacle course. It was, "this is what we're doing."

Reggie: That's fantastic. It sounds like you're describing a process for practicing and taking ownership of it and creating it yourself, and it's more of a guiding thing instead of being told what to do or being pushed in a direction. So you build that self compassion with the realistic focus for yourself. Do you have any other things that made a big difference for you?

Jules: So much made a difference. I just can't show the fact that my habits are so different now. I look at in the beginning how I started the first 90 days thinking okay, one week, one week at a time. Right now it's living, it's vibrating through me. Like the plans I make, the walks I take, everything.

The love I have for myself, the excitement to set another goal and kill it, but not looking at it as I can't do it, but look at it as how am I going to do it? This is how I'm going to do it, and have the answers. So it really gives you the tools to have the answers for your next step.

Reggie: Nice. Very inspiring. Empowering. Appreciate that. It's so nice to hear these stories after, and you were really good at telling me during, but it's so refreshing to know that we're creating a process to give you those kinds of results that last. It's really fantastic.

Something that I really enjoy about the Guilt-Free Gameplan, that it's not something that is in a vacuum on its own, it fits into your life and it's part of what you do.

And I like one thing that you said early on, the vision and focus exercise, that you're able to make your health a little bit more about your love for theater and stage management. Can you tell me about that?

The Guilt-Free Gameplan isn't something in a vacuum on its own, it fits into your life and it's part of what you do- Reggie

Jules: I just recently did a production of The Wedding Singer, it started May 2nd. I mean, it's already what? July 22? That's a lot of time. That's every single night. That is from six o'clock until midnight almost every night, and working on weekends.

I will tell you, coming from what we started with, I would never have been able to accomplish with the habits that I had before. I would have burnt out.

I would have allowed myself no self love and I would have tried to making up by not meeting my goals. I mean, my goals were to be on time, to make sure reports were done, to make sure that I was prepared, my team was prepared for the production, and it went so well. It's a huge hit, and I was able to endure five hours on my feet without passing out.

And that's what's exciting, is I can't wait to do the next play. I can't wait to go help out with the horses and be able to help the children. And at work, the stress is... It's eliminated almost. I enjoy coming in. I take my breaks, I have moments for myself. I break those habits of five hours working straight and no break because I'm so focused on work.

I make sure I take my breaks because Jules needs to go take a quick walk. Jules needs some water. Jules needs ten minutes to her time for herself so that she can give 150%. It's not even a question or even a worry for me anymore, it really helped me accomplish this.

self-compassion for weight loss

How did the Guilt-free Gameplan make changing your habits comfortable?

What I liked with our plan is that we did it step by step. I came in, I remember in the beginning, like these are the goals I want to meet, this is what we're going to do, thinking it's a normal kind of refocus for 90 days.

But Reggie, you kind of pulled out the reins, which was great, and you set the goals at attainable weekly measurements too. You knew already the beginning what we would attain, and I didn't realize that until about the third week in.

And so what I like is that it is a process. It's a process and it's a guided process that helps you identify how much you can give each week to yourself, each day to yourself, each moment, and so that's really important.

When it's important is that you take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one week at a time, and not just think in your mindset if I don't reach this in 90 days, then I'm a failure. You embrace every moment of that step.

So I really enjoyed that. It was a process that took time, that took a lot of encouragement and nourishment, recognizing each aspect of each week that was a question and an obstacle in your mind, but something that you were able to individually as a person handle and manage it, overcome, and identify how to turn it into a strength.

Guilt-free Gameplan Success: What would you tell a friend thinking about signing up?

"It's all about you... It's not about you wanting to lose weight, or you wanting to walk 5,000 steps, or you wanting to climb a mountain. It's about what you can do to empower yourself, to reach any attainable goal, and there's no question, and it's your individual journey. That's what makes it so special."

Don't hesitate. One of my quotes is the time to hesitate is through. It is, and I mean, I'm a woman, I'm an adult. I never give my age past 30, so I'm a woman. But what I will share is through the years I've done everything to make sure that I was healthy and I want to live long, and things I read oh, will work for you, work for them.

The difference with this is that it is not about what works for me or works for someone else is going to work for you, what's so important about this is that you evolve as a human being.

This is not a question, this is all about you. All about you and what you can do for yourself to make yourself the happiest, most vibrant, loving person for yourself, for others, for anyone in your life. And there's no question because it's all about you. It's not about you wanting to lose weight, or you wanting to walk 5,000 steps, or you wanting to climb a mountain.

It's about what you can do to empower yourself, to reach any attainable goal, and there's no question, and it's your individual journey. That's what makes it so special. It's your journey.

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Guilt-free Gameplan Success: How do you want to be remembered? 

Jules: Jules has been so happy. She's a ray of light. I've never seen her this alive. I've never seen her this excited about life. And that's it. I'm so happy because I have accepted and embraced my obstacles and challenges and turn them into strengths.

Reggie: Well, you definitely are a ray of light. So thanks. Do you have any other comments, things that you want people to know about yourself, maybe your social media handles, or things people should know about me or the Guilt-Free Gameplan? Anything kind of wrapping up in the conversation?

Jules: Absolutely. Well, definitely subscribe to your YouTube channel, it has a lot of good insight. As you're going through your self-discovery and your journey, Reggie gives you a lot of tools with your questions that you have. Tools that you can find and read up on or review and make your own assessment, and that's truly important.

Like we said, there's a lot to read out there, there's a lot of people that talk, everybody has an idea, but what he will give you in your journey is he will give you good information that you can review on your own and make that assessment yourself. Again, it's your journey.

Can you relate to Jules's story?

Tired of comparing yourself to others on cookie-cutter plans that were never going to fit your lifestyle? Looking to be your best as you give back to your community?

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So that's what we're up to at Fit for Freelance with the Guilt-free Gameplan.

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