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Surprise! Your Diet Started When You Were Born

"Start" vs Change: Diet and exercise are not seasonal things; they're earthly existence, physical life things. Diet and exercise are not something you start with a new year.

They ARE. They WILL BE, as long as you are living, breathing, metabolizing, and physically existing here.

You don't really "start" a diet; you change the one you already have

Therefore, if you don't like the results of your current situation, there is something to change, not start. We shouldn't consider the new changes a whole new, easily-abandoned project ("diet").

We've been eating since we've been alive, "diet." And where we place our physical body every day is our entire activity pattern, "exercise."

Your body reflects the choices you have been making with it in your environment for years in terms of function, repair, and energy storage. The problem is that most don't recognize how our health already supports (or harms) our daily quality of life.

When we focus correctly, our irritation with our accumulated and ongoing choices is too great and our condition is unbearable. We demand CHANGE.

Further, when directed by a clear vision of what the healthy, fulfilling life of our dreams looks like, the changes we make are easier than maintaining our current condition. In other words, it is more resistant to continue doing the things that got us into the situation that we've decided to change.

What do you think about this? If you want help discovering the healthy fulfilling life of your dreams, take a look at my coaching page.


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