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Weight loss discipline doesn't mean you have to train like a Navy SEAL

Controversial take- hardcore disciplinarian approaches by military commanders like Jocko Willink and David Goggins just might not work for you.

That's right. I said it. In fact, thinking you need perfect, strict implementation can keep you from even starting!

I even made a video about it Getting Into Shape and Dieting- Jocko Willink Wrong??

Here's the thing, these guys are admirable. They have a great message, and our values about ownership are essential. However, because you're not a Navy SEAL, you probably need realistic focus.

Tons of people who want to lose weight think you need hardcore weight loss discipline to see results. It's okay to think that, but I say this the biggest problem with the weight loss industry today.

I'm sure you didn't mean to guilt yourself into thinking you're too mentally weak for the healthy, fulfilling life of your dreams...

All or nothing diets, New Years' resolutions. Some workout for perfectly toned buns in 3 weeks. You know them. But they keep you a stuck casual implementer.

Think about your friend who seems to always have perfect weight loss discipline. How they make it seem effortless and easy. They aren't hardcore, with a podcast on discipline.

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I know this first hand. We were at a breakfast meeting that had the croissants, pastries, fruit, orange juice, donuts, coffee, etc.

I got a whole bunch of fruit and one mini muffin. My colleague said, "Wow Reggie, you're so disciplined. How do you make such healthy choices?"

"I don't really. I'd just rather have this stuff because it's what I do."

The people who make consistent choices towards their goals (adaptive business leaders) have an identity that makes it easy for them.

Their identity gives them accountability and a process for ownership. So instead of comparing yourself to Jocko, be yourself- the person who makes choices that support their goals.

As the guilt-free coach weight loss coach for entrepreneurs, I know fear, anxiety, guilt and shame are not the best ways to make decisions and lifestyle changes.

It feels too dramatic, awful, you hate it and build resentment. Then you stop doing things you think you should, because you feel like someone else is telling you what to do. You don't want someone else's rules to stop you from having a good time.

Then you feel mentally weak for not keeping up with it.

So here's how you empower yourself to take ownership of your choices for weight loss. Then you can practice it with your other goals and choices.

The other two keys for weight loss discipline: The Guilt-free Framework


Adaptive business leaders enjoy making healthier choices because they're not struggling with temptation, or fighting themselves with things they think are off limits.

They let go of perfectionism and embrace the process instead of focusing on the outcomes.

This means they eat what they want, even if it's sometimes not perfect for health.

Stuck casual implementers don't do this, so they feel guilty or ashamed of their food choices. They tell themselves they can't eat that one thing, or a bunch of things.

Is that how you want to go through with weight loss and life? How do you want your weight loss journey to feel?

Realistic focus

Adaptive business leaders know what works for them and their schedule. So if they're on the road a lot, they know how to incorporate healthier choices throughout their day.

Which might look like packing a lunchbox, or knowing the best restaurants and menu options in area they spend the most time.

This way, they're less likely to fight themselves and feel like they need strict discipline- they jut need a plan that's realistic that works for their schedule.

In conclusion

You don't need hardcore and strict weight loss discipline to get results. When you have self-compassion and realistic focus, you'll be engaged in your weight loss journey. But if you don't have a process for ownership, you'll find yourself guessing what you should do.

That's why my free guide Four Minutes to Start Losing Weight has a little gameplan for you to track your participatoin and know exactly how often you're doing things to support your health and weight loss journey. Let's get you started on your path to freedom and fitness.

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