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Reduce Stress Now: 6 Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs

​Need ​to reduce stress?

It's never fun- that heart-racy, sweaty, mental haze, complete with clumsy fingers and choice words.

You've got to meet someone's unrealistic expectations with too much going on at once, with your crazy family or to-do list, or you've waited until the last minute to finish a project.

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​So now you're wondering how to relieve stress and anxiety.  Maybe you're even one of the people searching for stress relief products, foods, and pills. 

​But what about the free and natural ways to ​relieve stress? Here's how entrepreneurs like you can feel great and work better:​

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What does stress ​do?

Stress isn't all bad. In low and managed levels, it helps the body adapt to changes in the environment. Changes in our mental state, heart rate, and blood pressure lead ​you to seek comfort from physical, mental, or emotional threats. 

However, excess stress makes life more challenging- typically leading to unhealthy choices in ​work, ​food, exercise, and relationships. 

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What's worse, over time, chronic stress can affect sleep, mood, and digestion. In studies, stress ​is linked to increased risk of anxiety, depression, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, and heart disease. So what can you do?

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Water helps manage stress!

​The amount of water you drink affects whether an event feels stressful. This study ​found ​drinking more water leads to significant mood improvement, less fatigue, less confusion, and less sleepiness. The study also found that drinking less water reduced feelings of calm, content, and positive emotions. A different study of 120 women found the amount of water a woman drinks is associated with mood state.​

​6 ​tips to reduce stress:

  1. Keep water within arm's reach for quick hydration- are you thirsty now?
  2. Exercise regularly (two or more 15-minute walks per day). Read more: Start Exercise if You Hate Exercise: 3 Tips
  3. Get 7+ hours of sleep. Read more: You Need More Sleep. 5 Tips to Get It
  4. Take a break from stressors when possible.
  5. Avoid using alcohol or tobacco to cope
  6. Recognize when you need more help- talk to friends, family, or a professional counselor


Some top ways to manage stress are free, natural, and simple; they just take a little practice! ​For more stress prevention tips, visit Workplace Stress and Stress At Work.

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