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You Need More Sleep. 5 Tips to Get It

​Do you wake up tired?

Do you often read the same line several times, or feel like you lack clarity of thought? Do you ​set multiple alarms, or do you snooze more than once most mornings?

​How much do you sleep?

adequate ​sleep is a crucial ​part of enjoying what you love in life and work!

Adults should sleep 7+ hours each night for optimal health CDC

According to Hult International Business School, getting less sleep causes:

  • ​Poorer workplace performance
  • ​Worse focus in meetings
  • ​Slower work
  • ​Reduced motivation to learn
  • ​Decreased creativity​

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drowsy driving causes 83,000 crashes annually. None of this is good for your business!

​Worst of all, sleep loss is associated with more stress and chronic disease, like depression, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. 

​5 sleep tips from the National Sleep Foundation (link)

  • Go to bed and wake at consistent times
  • Make the bedroom a dark, quiet, relaxing environment
  • Avoid watching TV or using the computer in bed, and remove screens from bedroom altogether (Click to read my post on blue light)
  • Avoid large meals before bedtime
  • Exercise! Being active during the day could help you get to sleep at night. ​Plus sleep makes you more likely to exercise ​AND improves your recovery!


Sleep is one of the CDC's top 5 lifestyle factors ​to prevent chronic disease:

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