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Want Fulfilling Goals? 2 Keys to Gratitude

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads...

You (and me)!

January strikes hard for strivers like us who believe with enough work, this all could be a little better.

"I'm not a perfectionist; I'm ‚Äčparticular," and the countdown to something bigger.‚Äč The day you switch to full-time freelancing, or you hit that income goal, or you finally make it to that country everyone's been talking about.

‚ÄčMy post on goal setting shows how important it is to set realistic goals. Dan Lok also has a potent video on expanding your comfort zone- doing things you've never done before to get the things you've never had before.

However, if you're not paying attention, you'll  quickly get used to new experiences, accomplishments, and gains- a hedonic treadmill‚Äč. Instead of feeling appreciative, you'll always have to set bigger goals just to avoid feeling empty.

Escapism never satisfies; gratitude is fundamental for enjoying life, work, and our goals


‚ÄčThis is where gratitude comes in!

‚ÄčI'll tell you how to do it below. But first, visit moretothat.com's ‚ÄčTravel is no Cure for the Mind, ‚Äčwhere Lawrence Yeo wonderfully explains the importance of gratitude with pictures, and how unfulfilling and empty your life could be without it.

Travel Is No Cure for the Mind: the must-read blog post‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč!

‚ÄčTwo ‚ÄčBIG ways to practice gratitude

‚ÄčPractice daily

‚ÄčEach day, jot down 3 things that you are grateful for in a journal, calendar, or notepad. Seeking things to be thankful for expands your mind to thousands of things you should appreciate.

Even though some things come to mind quickly, get creative enough to avoid repeating yourself too often. If you're having a hard time, think about things you use everyday but rarely consider- clean water, deodorant (probably), your eyes and kidneys. Learn a little bit about the physiology of your beautiful, exquisite body. ‚Äč

It's healthy to embrace awful days. However, practice gratitude anyway, even if it takes thinking about how your day could get worse.

After a month or week, revisit all the things you've written you're grateful for. Leave a comment below if you're impressed!

‚ÄčTalk about it

‚ÄčBe the light! Get to know people around you by asking what they're thankful for. You'll brighten their day and have meaningful, positive conversation! These are good things to surround yourself with.

‚ÄčLeave a comment below with something you're grateful for!

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