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2 Fears Blocking Your Business and Health Goals

What do procrastination and your last failed diet/ workout plan have in common?

What's really keeping you from reaching your goals?

We trick ourselves into believing we're completely in control of our choices. But if you were really in charge, how do you end up doing so many things you said you wouldn't?

Would you still carry extra weight, procrastinate, and waste time doing everything except what you say is important? It's time to identify and overcome fear.

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Let's talk about it: FEAR

See if these apply to you:

1) Fear of Failure
Deep down, you were afraid the results of your new plan would be slower or less noticeable than you hoped. You feared this disappointment, so you did little things like a few pieces of candy, or skipping days.

This gave you a sense of control- if you were going to fail, at least it would be on your own terms. But if you think about it, you were actually so far out of control that your reach for it killed your goal!

When your results weren't what would've happened if you had stuck to the plan, you told yourself and your friends, "I tried." Then sadly returned to the same old habits that you still wish you could change.

Procrastination is the fear of failure- you're taking the easy, insignificant win now over putting effort into something you're unsure of the outcome. And explaining it away like your goals aren't important. Ouch!

how to motivate yourself, entrepreneur

2) Fear of Rejection

This comes up with sense of identity, reputation, and belonging. If people know you as the guy/girl who will always throw back a few cold beers and hot wings after work, the first few times were surprising. Same if you usually drop everything to take care of others.

You felt like you should keep doing what you've always done... but that always gets you the same results you want to change, right?

Some entrepreneurs include fear of success. I don't think you're afraid of accomplishing your goals and being compensated for the immense value you create. It's more likely you're afraid people may reject your status or investment into your success, or afraid of failing in new responsibilities (comment your thoughts below).

Also, FOMO, fear of missing out, regret, or making a wrong decision, is a combination of fear of failure and fear of rejection. Take a second to clarify for yourself- what do you imagine will happen if you say no to that episode, event everyone's going to, or cookie?

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You deserve to know what happens when you apply yourself!

When you really want to do something, I mean desire it, I believe there are only two rules:

  1. You have to try.
  2. You only lose if you quit.

When you choose to start, let me help. The Guilt-free Framework is designed to keep you engaged through practice and adapting. We'll keep you motivated with vision, realistic focus, and accountability.  

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