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How to STOP Procrastinating OR… How to Start a Diet

Want to know how to stop procrastinating?

Wondering how to start a diet? Would you believe both use the same steps, so I can tell you how to do each with the same post?

Change is hard! It's the difference between people who only say they want to one day start/improve their business, lose weight, learn to play guitar, run a 5k, speak Spanish, etc., and those who do it.

Having problems with follow through?  How many times per week do you say "not yet" or de-prioritize good things you mean to do? Taking care of yourself, getting out of bed, eating healthy, exercising, turning off the TV, the list goes on...

Procrastination is practice saying no to your goals, which hurts your productivity, confidence, and quality of life.

This is normal, but not great. It's always a good time to get consistent so you reach your goals, stress less, feel great, and work better!

tips to stop procrastinating

Procrastinating, health habits, and Food choices have surprisingly similar processes!


The internet estimates we make about 35,000 decisions each day; a study from Cornell University says 221 are food related. That's already a lot to handle, but the tough part is people estimate they only make 15 per day! Each choice brings us closer to or further from our goals.

How to stop procrastinating, AND... How to start a diet!

1) Make objectives SMART enough to motivate you

People set unrealistic goals all the time. Does this sound familiar (like last New Year's resolution)? "I'll work out 2 hours every day and always eat healthy foods [because I should, forever]."

 So of course, when the dessert menu came, the next episode started, or it was time to grab your shoes, you made the easiest choice you could. "Just this once," "I'm too tired," etc. I would too!

Making SMART goals gives you clarity on your values, so you can make the small decisions that add up to big success:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable/ attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time based
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2) Get support!

New sports bras and shoes don't count. Try working with a partner or coach who is at least as committed as you are, or finding community with others going through the same changes at the same time. Having someone or something holding you accountable can be the difference!

3) Believe you are important enough

Do you sometimes wonder, "Who am I to get what I want out of life?" Do you feel too busy- maybe you're such a giving person that you usually put others' needs ahead of your own- work, kids, school, relationships, etc. 

If your personal health is declining, you're killing your energy, focus, and performance. You're also increasing your risk of chronic disease and early death. That's not helping others! Like airplane oxygen masks, put yours on before helping others. You can only serve to the level of your consciousness and ability.

You and your goals are important! Whether it's to enjoy the reasons you work, or you have taken on challenging family or client responsibilities, being at your best lets you do your best!

4) Practice!

How long did it take you to learn to ride a bike? How many times did you crash before you got the hang of it? Sometimes behavior change is discouraging, but clear objectives, support, and valuing yourself will motivate you through tough moments until you see you can do it, build momentum, and start seeing results!

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5) Face your fears

This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of learning how to stop procrastinating, or how to start a diet. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, and their clever disguises fear of missing out and fear of success will undermine you when it counts most!

When you think about it, procrastination is the fear of failure- you're taking the easy, insignificant win now over putting effort into something you're unsure of the outcome. And explaining it away like your goals aren't important. Ouch!

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In conclusion

How to stop procrastinating and how to start a diet have the same process. Have clarity with your goals, get support, believe in your self-worth, practice, and face your fears. If you're ready to learn more about the next step on your path to freedom and fitness, check out my coaching page!

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Reggie Wilson is the founder of Fit for Freelance. He's a certified worksite wellness program manager, certified online trainer etc., but he most wants every entrepreneur to know how to lead the healthy, fulfilling life of their dreams. Read more about him here