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Stop Yo-Yo Dieting if You Want to Lose Weight

Do you get stuck with your weight loss and end up yo yo dieting?

I'm going to tell you how to stop yo-yo dieting, why yo-yo dieting is old school and why you're always bouncing back and forth, trying to reach some health goal that's not set up realistically for you.

Here's the summary transcript of my YouTube video, where I  break down why yo yo dieting happens, and what to do to stop so you can take ownership of your path to freedom and fitness.

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Fad diets and all or nothing weight loss plans cause yo-yo dieting

Tell me if this is you- you start a health plan. Maybe you want to lose some weight for an upcoming event, or you just hear something about a diet, like intermittent fasting or something.

"Yeah, I'll try that," you do it for a little while and then you lose five- 10 pounds, and then you get stuck for a little bit,  then nothing changes for a while.

Then you put that weight back on and you're like, "Well, that was fun." Right? You go back and forth on that, so you do that like every couple months or so, maybe just New Year's resolution or something like that.

Those kinds of things happen all the time. It happens. I understand. Well, what we want to do though is get it so you can change from being stuck, casually implementing like that and into being more adaptive, it's something that's more consistent and useful for you.

You're not the only one!

If you've ever tried some of this weight loss stuff that you've seen online, seen from around the internet, it never seems to work out. Let me know how that goes for you, right? Because, what happens is you gets stuck. It doesn't work out. It's like, I guess a metaphor would be going for a run. Right? If you're trying to lose weight quickly, which usually that's how it happens. You're like, "Yeah, I just want to lose 10 pounds in a week," and then you go out all out sprint. Then, If you've been sprinting ever, or recently, you know when you're sprinting and you're in the middle of your, "I don't know if I can do this. This hurts. It's very uncomfortable. Why am I going this fast? Is this even right for me to be sprinting?" Right?

Then, as soon as you get where you're going (or sooner) you get tired of that sprint. You get exhausted and can't keep up with it anymore. You peter out and you're huffing and puffing over on the side of the road. Right? Because you went too fast, and it wasn't sustainable for you.

That happens to a lot of people. What you want to do is switch, so you understand it more as a lifestyle change, right? So, I've run marathons and I don't like to overuse of it's like a marathon, but it is like maybe an indefinite run instead. Or if you've run a 10K or longer distance where you're doing something for a longer period of time, you know that the more you practice, you find your pace. You find something that's realistic for you, right?

Better habits vs yo yo dieting

So, if you are training for a longer race, you're not going to try to win that thing right off the bat. Right? You got the build up to it if you're trying to qualify for Boston or something, right? You are slow to start, but you figure out your pace and you train and you create habits, and that's the big thing I'm going to get around to. Creating habits, so you can have that longer run and you don't burn out. You don't feel weak. You don't quit, most importantly, and you don't go back and forth trying to keep your goals together. So, three things that you need in order to do this, in order to get from stuck to what you really trying to do, confidence and self-compassion, right?

self-compassion for weight loss

How confidence and self-compassion stop yo yo dieting

So, understanding that if you have a goal, knowing that you're worthy of the goal, that you can pursue that goal, and that you can forgive yourself for mistakes. A lot of times when people get stuck, they are not able to continue to maneuver once they make mistake. You might have a bad day for nutrition and then give up altogether. Right?

So, you're on that yo-yoing thing where like, "All right, I'm all in." Then, all of a sudden, you have a cookie at lunch and you're like, "Well, I already had a cookie at lunch, so I'll eat this whole thing of lasagna and drink a two-liter of soda." I'm being dramatic, but you know what that's like. So, having that self-compassion and the confidence to know that like, okay, I did that and I can get right back on track, right now. Right? Another thing you need is realistic focus.

Using realistic focus to stop yo yo dieting

Have you picked unrealistic diets and weight loss plans before? "I'm just not going to eat any sugar ever again, I'm going to eat all organic," everything. Anything that's really dramatic, it's a big shift for you, if you're not ready for it, you're not really focusing realistically, and that's going to get you stuck a lot of times. And you will do that so you're beginning to yo-yo again. You're going, you're all in, and you're like, "Okay, I can't really do that anymore." Right?

Stop yo-yo dieting through accountability

Accountability, I also call it a process for ownership. So, you or someone close to you or a coach has to hold you accountable for your goals. Right? So, it's one thing to just say, tell yourself secretly, "Okay, I'm going to try this diet," and then you do it for a little bit and you give up and then no one notices, right, because no one's really holding you accountable for it. But, if you are really high in that confidence and self-compassion element, and you have a process for ownership to yourself, then you'll be like, "All right. I said, I would do this, and I would do it." It'll be easier if you have realistic focus too. Right?

Or, you can have some accountability, maybe a small group, family member, close friends, someone else who's also going through the same process at the same time. Right? So, back to that running example, if you have a training partner or a program to go with, then these things are going to help keep you accountable, so you will continue to make progress towards that goal. So, you won't be going back and forth and yo-yoing and stuff like that. 

Free support to stop yo-yo dieting

If you're ready to stop yo yo dieting and start leading the healthy, fulfilling life of your dreams, join us in the free group on Facebook called the SCALESMASHERS.  We've got daily recipes, tips, and mini challenges for entrepreneurs like us to kickstart our health and business goals! It started because the bathroom scale is virtually useless when it measures such distant outcomes, and too many people use it as a measure of their overall health and self-worth.

In Conclusion

You don't have to keep yo yo dieting.  But it's unfortunately simple to be going in the wrong direction and unsure how to turn around, or keep gaining weight trying all or nothing weight loss plans.  

A lot of people get stuck yo-yoing because they quit before forming new habits yet. My goal is to inspire confident ownership of your path to freedom and fitness, so you can try new habits, guilt free, and implement them consistently. We build adaptive business leaders through compassionate health coaching with the Guilt-free Gameplan, so you have confidence, realistic focus, and accountability to reach your weight loss and business goals.

If you're ready to start that today, check out SCALESMASHERS, and get one of my free guides below!


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