Wegovy Weight Loss Shot FDA Approved, but Is It the Solution?

Wegovy is FDA approved, but is it the solution?

Wegovy weight loss injections have been approved- can they help you?

On June 4, 2021, the U.S. FDA approved Wegovy, semaglutide injections for chronic weight management in adults with obesity or overweight with at least one weight-related condition.

Here's a revised transcript of my YouTube video, where I discuss how Wegovy could fit into your weight loss plans. However, there are some other important considerations on your path to freedom and fitness.

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Wegovy trials showed it is effective for weight loss, but there's more to the picture

The participants without diabetes lost an average of 12.4% of their initial body weight. So that's pretty remarkable results. It's a GLP-1 receptor agonist. Here's a link to see my previous reaction to when they were doing research, with details of how the GLP-1 RA affects your body.

Watch the video: Health Coach REACTS to Semaglutide Weight Loss Trial

Therefore, it might be kind of like Chantix for people with tobacco addictions. It decreases that urge to eat, and that could help if it's in the right situation. Of course, I'm not a doctor, so ask your healthcare professional if it's right for you.

Wegovy side effects

Here are common side effects; they're not very pretty, and there are about 5% of people dropped out of trials due to side effects.

  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • constipation
  • cramps
  • gas
  • indigestion

In other words, you might be looking for other ways to lose weight.

Wegovy cost

As of June 21, 2021, I haven't heard of any insurers covering Wegovy medication yet. That means the estimated cost of about $1,300 a month without insurance reimbursement.

Accordingly, it will be interesting to see how that works out as it fits into people's health plans. We can only guess it's use as it becomes widely available for prescription use by healthcare providers.

Wegovy weight loss may not be the best way

Some of the results have been pretty impressive. But I also want to talk about how people avoid sustainable change that affects their quality of life. They're likely to have that same dreadful "what's wrong with me" mentality, feeling mentally weak, and gain weight. 

If you're researching for this online- can Wegovy help me lose weight, or should I get Wegovy injections, Wegovy weight loss, you might be searching for fast fixes for weight loss, but not solving the underlying problems.

"Weight loss fast" has 368,000 Google searches per month. people are searching for fast fixes for weight loss, but they don't solve the underlying problems.

That's my biggest concern. I cover some other ones in the other video. But right now, I'm talking about the kind of quick solution to symptoms that are overlying that you don't really solve the problem underneath, This is normal. "Weight loss fast" has 368,000 Google searches per month.

Extra weight is usually just a symptom, not the cause

I always encourage people to look at what they really want to do with their weight loss and their life, because extra weight is just a symptom. It's a symptom of a complex of things. I also do some environmental health stuff, trying to create healthier communities. So I know it's not just willpower, but I know that a lot of other factors go into it.

Just losing the weight quickly might not actually get you the kind of result you want. Isn't it more useful and important to focus on the process and habits of weight change?

Most times, the overall experience of weight gain does not happen quickly. It takes time. Sometimes there's a series of unfortunate events or a series of unfortunate decisions that leads to that weight gain. It makes sense for it to go in reverse where you make a series of good choices more often and that's going to help empower you.

Knowing how to start and keep new health habits lets you take ownership of your path to freedom and fitness.

I'm not calling anyone out exactly, but only you know if you have been making choices that don't support your goals over an extended period of time. That is something that contributes to weight gain. You know if that is the case, then that kind of mindset and those kinds of decisions are spilling over into other areas of your life.

That is something that I really pay attention to as the guilt-free weight loss coach for entrepreneurs. Getting people to understand the health coaching process and how to apply changes and make healthier choices. Doing those little activities that might not be rewarding in the short term. But they're great for longer term impact.

You can apply it to other areas of your life- your business, with your family and your community, wherever you're trying to make an impact. Knowing how to start those health habits is to me going to be almost as important as actually losing the weight.

Here are three things that we can do to improve your success when you're talking about changing the process and habits of weight!
self-compassion for weight loss

You want to have all three of them or you're going to have a hard time making changes and keeping them.

How the Guilt-free Framework supports weight loss

Confidence and self-compassion, believing you can do it and also giving yourself space and grace to kind of recover if you do make a mistake. A lot of people make one mistake and they blow off the rest of their weight loss plan or whatever nutrition thing they're doing.

Next, realistic focus is going to be a big part of it. Instead of doing something that's unrealistic for you or an all or nothing diet, you want to make sure that whatever you choose is going to help you reach your goals. Especially in a way that suits your lifestyle. If you have two kids, you'll probably have a different plan from someone who's in college. It has to be realistic for you.

Accountability, also known as a process for ownership. Some people are really driven and can control their own immediate environment very readily, and some people need group support or a coach or a mentor or someone to do it with them, a partner.

Confidence, realistic focus, and accountability. If you don't have all three, you're going to get stuck casually implementing weight loss plans

Without these, you're going to be searching for microwave miracle cures. You might be trying to research injections. You say like, "Oh, I can just do a little shot real quick and then this fat will burn off," kind of thing. Or you'll feel guilty when you struggle with all or nothing plans or things that don't have that realistic focus for you. Or they're not suitable for your work-life balance and everything that you're doing. That doesn't feel good, so we don't want that to happen.

If you're looking for a way to break out of that or make sure it doesn't happen to you, then look at this guide I have, Four Minutes to Start Losing Weight. It has got the basic habits that you can start to build consistency, without a crazy diet. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. It can just be something that suits your lifestyle, which is the big focus for the Guilt-free Gameplan and Framework.

In Conclusion

That's the quick overview of what I think about Wegovy, the semaglutide injection, and then how it fits into the overall weight loss picture. It could be a useful tool in the overall weight management toolkit for your weight loss team. 

I just want to focus on how you can take ownership of your path to freedom of fitness without relying on expensive treatments, weekly injections, and all that stuff.

My goal is to inspire confident ownership of your path to freedom and fitness, so you can try new habits, guilt free, and implement them consistently. We build adaptive business leaders through compassionate health coaching with the Guilt-free Gameplan, so you have confidence, realistic focus, and accountability to reach your weight loss and business goals.

If you're ready to start that today, check out our Facebook group SCALESMASHERS, and get one of my free guides below!


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