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Action Bronson Weight Loss- how he dropped 130 pounds!

Action Bronson, the entertaining rapper/ chef/ tv host/ author aka Mr. Baklava aka Bronsolini aka Bam Bam is leading the healthy, fulfilling life of his dreams.

Action Bronson weight loss is a popular topic while he's promoting his new book- he's down 130 pounds in the year since the COVID-19 quarantine started!

Writing his book F*** It, I'll Start Tomorrow was his wake up call. In several interviews, he describes his motivation, giving insightful quotes on how he uses confidence & self-compassion, realistic focus, and accountability to reach his goals. Which is exactly what we use in the Guilt-free Framework!

Think about it, have you ever said "f*** it," did the thing against your goals, then kept the weight you were trying to lose? One of my clients checks in "F it moments" weekly, so you're not the only one.

Here's the breakdown of the Action Bronson weight loss story, and what happens when you take ownership of your path to freedom and fitness.

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Action Bronson's weight loss shows it's possible to change your mindset

He is living proof of overcoming common reasons we get stuck, casually implementing to become what I call an adaptive business leader:

1) "I don't have time for myself with business and kids."- He's a big time musician, chef, TV show host. He's got a lot of things happening. He made it work.

2) "Life is for enjoying- diets and weight loss means you can't have fun." - He's known for just being a blast having a good time, enjoying his life. He still did what it takes to lose 130 pounds.

3) "I love food too much."- He's a trained chef with a cooking show. I'm sure you don't love food more than him. You probably don't even love food more than me, but we don't have to take a challenge on that.

I'm the Guilt-free Weight Loss Coach for Entrepreneurs; I want to show you what's possible when you actually say yes to you and habits to reach your goal. See if you can relate to Bronson's experience:

If you're stuck casually implementing again and again, you know exactly what he's talking about. In a different interview, he mentioned some of his effects of him getting into F*** it mode- problems with prediabetes, eczema, and asthma. He said if he made a big, round dish, he would eat big round dish and he couldn't just have one piece. 

So he was also having food control challenges. But once he started to break it down, he could take ownership of his path to freedom and fitness. He's not my client, but he used the Guilt-free Framework to build confidence, realistic focus, and accountability to reach his weight loss goals.

self-compassion for weight loss

Let's look closer at specific quotes about his weight loss transformation.

How Action Bronson lost weight through self-compassion

During his interview, Bronson mentioned how the COVID-19 shutdown paused his tours and gave everyone a chance to slow down and think. He started writing his book when he was in quarantine, close to 400 pounds when came up with the title F*** It, I'll Start Tomorrow.

He started to feel like he wasn't living right while writing these things about his attitudes and himself to share with the public. Using the book as a serious wake-up call is a lesson in self-compassion.

If you are in f- it mode, take a moment to pause, get that self-compassion by acknowledging how you feel.

When you feel like you're off track, it's a good signal and a good opportunity to start to change and get onto the right track.

Action Bronson Weight Loss Used Realistic Focus

Not every diet is for every person- I'd even say most diets aren't for most people. Bronson recaps his terrible experience with the Atkins/low-carb diet:

You're in something called ketosis: your f**king body is eating the fat away, but it is also eating muscle, so it makes you a frumpy f***, and then you try to work out and you s*** yourself and you have no energy. I was just like, "Damn, I might as well just eat some bread."

Has this happened to you? Getting some initial quick results on a crash diet, maybe it's Atkins, maybe it's keto, maybe it's intermittent fasting, but it's not realistic for you or your schedule.

You get stuck and then you're just like, forget it. I'll just do whatever's comfortable so I don't have this loss of energy and I don't feel bad. You know? So the realistic focus was a key part to it dropping 130 pounds.

If you are in f- it mode, You need an action plan that fits your schedule and lifestyle for lasting results

Finally, let's look at accountability, the last part of the Guilt-free Framework:

Action Bronson Weight Loss Through Accountability

Having a newborn child at 37 years old, Bronson realized he needed to make changes to be around for his family. "It wasn't going to happen unless I made that decision myself." This was a major part in him taking ownership of his health.

Bronson retells the story on Joe Rogan's podcast about how he got on a scale to show off his newborn son overseas. He had to weigh his dog by stepping on the scale with it, and it came out to around 400 pounds. He's like, man, I gotta do better than that.

When you have the kind of health issues he was facing, or you're off track with your food choices and lacking exercise, it adds up to gaining a lot of weight. It can affect your longevity and chronic disease risk, which makes things challenging for your family. Also, you'd be dead. So you want to do what you can to reduce those risks.

Not only did he have accountability from his wife and kid to consider, he got the help of a trainer, Dave Paladino.

Bronson talks about it in this video with Men's Health about how he got support, their workouts, and the incredible results they got. So he had great motivation for his process for ownership. We build this accountability with the Guilt-free Gameplan too.

In Conclusion

You don't have to weigh an extra 130 pounds. But it's unfortunately simple to be going in the wrong direction and unsure how to turn around, or keep gaining weight trying all or nothing weight loss plans.  

Action Bronson is not only a great rapper and cook who tells entertaining stories; he's an inspiration who really understands the process of going from stuck, casual implementer to adaptive business leader.

That's what we coach at Fit for Freelance through compassionate health coaching, and the Guilt-free Gameplan. We build the confidence, realistic focus, and accountability so you reach your weight loss and business goals.

If you're ready to start that today and you're tired of telling yourself f***  it, I'll start tomorrow, get one of my free guides below!


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