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Entrepreneur Goals for Adaptive Business Leaders

Ready to set quarterly business or health goals?

There are tons of reasons and excuses to get stuck, casually implementing, and not hitting our entrepreneur goals. 

So you are doing the exact same thing you were doing  3 months ago, or at the beginning of the year, like that New Year's Eve resolution. But adaptive business leaders have the confidence, realistic focus, and accountability to reach their weight loss and business goals.

If you run a business or family but always rely on motivation, here’s personal growth tips to plan the next 90 days for success.

It was the end of quarter in late March when I taped this, but if you're ready to set realistic entrepreneur goals, this post and video will help!

Watch this video to see how I break down quarterly goal setting by working back from your 3-year and 1-year plans!

self-compassion for weight loss

Thanks for joining me today. We're talking about this successful 90 day goals thing because it's the end of a quarter, right? You want to make sure you're on track for your goals. This is a big part of the Guilt-free Framework, where you're building confidence, realistic focus, and accountability.

Goal setting is definitely part of that realistic focus. This is also part of the Guilt-free Gameplan process, where we're setting that vision up in the first couple of weeks and getting you on your path to freedom and fitness.

What does the healthy, fulfilling life of your dreams look like?

I want to make sure you have the opportunity to lead the healthy, fulfilling life of your dreams. Close your eyes and imagine that... Now you can open your eyes again. What we're looking at here is what does your life look like in three years? Be vivid and really picture that, imagine that in your mind's eye. Get the senses involved too. 

What does it smell like? What are you doing all day? How do you wake up? Where do you wake up? Are you traveling the world? Are you reaching other goals? Are you getting into better shape? So think about that.

In the Guilt-free Gameplan, we look at the 10-year plan, and we break it down at three-year, one-year, quarterly, and then week to week process.

3-year goals

Entrepreneur goals: 3-year plan

Right? So just getting that first step is thinking about the long-term schedule. Here's a picture of my three-year schedule, right? So I started this I also follow the Guilt-free Gameplan for my own health and business goals. So I know it works very well. I had a fantastic quarter and I'm looking forward to the next quarter as well. It doesn't have to be the beginning of the quarter for you to start setting goals- whenever you're seeing this is a great time to start.

What does it look like for me? I'd really like a desk; I'm at the dining room table. I've been at dining room tables my whole life. I want a desk, whole setup. I want to make an online course, take speaking opportunities, get another coach, build a team so we can have a bigger impact with Fit for Freelance.

I can work from anywhere- I'm big into that digital nomad lifestyle. You know, where you don't have to drive to the office; you could just take your work with you. Of course, you want to set good boundaries for that. Gratitude, referrals, people talking about Fit for Freelance and how it's changing lives. Right? So that's my three-year picture.

Then, what we do is work backwards from that three-year picture to help you reach your goals, right? So here we go.

goal setting breakdown

1-year plan

What three to seven objectives do you need to hit by the end of the year to make progress towards that goal? That is the next week in the Guilt-free Gameplan, where we go through that together. So here's what I've got from my one year plan. Starting with setting your revenue and profit goals.

I want to get people to see my content, right? So I'm posting YouTube videos. I'm sharing, I'm talking about it. I'm DM-ing my friends to see what you guys are up, to see if you want to ever talk about health fitness, or if it comes up. The next goal is serving 12 clients in the process, and my goals for the year- one client per month, 40 YouTube videos, 2 podcast interviews, and joining the chamber of commerce or an online mastermind course.  

When you're looking at that one-year plan, it's helpful to put some monetary figures on what you want to do. So if you start to research, say like a vacation or something, you don't just say, "I want to go there." You look at how much does it cost to get there? What is the flight? Where would I stay? What would I do there?

So you build the itinerary.  That's what we're doing with the Guilt-free Gameplan- building the itinerary for your business and weight loss goals.

How to set quarterly entrepreneur goals

Next, you look at your quarterly goals. What three to seven objectives in a span of a Gameplan- the Guilt-free Gameplan is 14 weeks- would show progress towards that goal? You can set that future date and then you're looking at your Gameplan goals for the quarter.

Put a date on it!

So for me this quarter, it was three Gameplan clients, launch a Facebook group. I've got the SCALESMASHERS. I would love to see you in there, where we work on taking ownership of your path to freedom and fitness.

Launch a promotion- I recently launched Facebook ads. 10 YouTube videos. So this is me coming to you live every week. Setting a goal to do that has really helped me do this livestream every Monday night at 8:30pm ET. So I'm excited about that!

Then, I have complete an ads course, so I can continue expanding the audience and the reach of Fit for Freelance. So that is a quarterly goal I've been working on. When you break your goals down into something that's realistic, you can then break it down into a weekly check-in. So let me go back to this, right? What will you track weekly or monthly? And for me, that was, you know, doing the live stream weekly. Did I work in the ads course every week, kind of thing,

Am I reaching out and contacting people? And that's what builds up those other steps in the process. I'm getting the views, I'm serving more clients, I'm expanding the reach.

So what we do with the Guilt-free Gameplan- this is me breaking it down for you. You look at your bigger picture and then you take steps back set objectives in interim. And you can build towards those outcomes.

weekly goals

Weekly entrepreneur goals

One element on my weekly schedule is to exercise 45 minutes every other day. Even if health isn't one of your primary goals, it is a worthy factor because every day you are living, you're making physical activity choices and food choices. So it makes sense to always incorporate that. And it also helps me to stay on track and do what I need to do, have the energy and the confidence to work online.

And then it also affects your performance, reduces your risk of chronic disease, all that stuff. Right. And it just feels better when you exercise! So that's part of my weekly plan that goes into those quarterly goals and builds into the Guilt-free Gameplan.

"Here, too, a brand new day is beginning. It could be a day like all the others, or it could be A Day, remarkable enough in many ways to remain in the memory. In either case, for now, for most people, it is a blank sheet of paper." - Haruki Murakami, Japanese author


Think about what setting entrepreneur goals for the next 90 days means to you as you try to build the healthy, fulfilling life of your dreams.

With Fit for Freelance and the Guilt-free Gameplan, we're leaving behind stuck casually, implementing- where you don't have time for all or nothing diets and weight loss plans, or you get scared to start, or feel mentally weak when you start and you can't keep up. 

We're shifting over to being the adaptive business leader where we have the confidence, realistic focus, and accountability to reach your business and health goals. What entrepreneur goals are you working for in the next 90 days? I know it's going to be a fun time, so that's it.

Thanks for reading. Keep practicing.


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