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5 Ways to Know Online Personal Training is For You

What is Online Personal Training?

Online personal training with Fit for Freelance is how you improve your productivity and health as a busy entrepreneur. You’d rather not lose time and money being unable to work on important projects. ​Online personal training keeps you from getting overwhelmed and gives you accountability to reach your goals!

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3 Benefits of Online Personal Training:

1) Increase Work Productivity

Mood benefits of exercise mean you stop stressing! ​Focus better and do more in less time. ​​Get through your work sooner so you can fit more into your day- work or play.

2) ​​Enjoy More

Whether you love your work, work for what you love, or both, the energy from exercise and improved nutrition keep your important things from feeling like chores.

​3) Build Confidence

Thrive in your business and personal ​​goals as you build positive habits ​to accomplish what you once thought impossible.

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Features of Online Personal Training with Fit for Freelance

  • Customized, printable workout programs delivered to any device
  • Flexibility to do workouts at times that fit your schedule- no need to coordinate
  • Hundreds of professional in-app exercise instruction videos
  • Track, see, and celebrate your progress with charts and achievement badges
  • ​Knowledgeable and experienced wellness coach Reggie Wilson
Fit for Freelance Coach

​5 Ways to Know Online Personal Training is for You!

1) You ​hate failing

​We all see the ads promising you’ll lose a ton in no time, or get ripped in a few weeks, but these impossible programs and sales tricks leave you disappointed and discouraged when results don’t come fast enough.

You're not alone. Research shows participants with Quality-of-Life goals reported participating in more exercise than those with Current-Health and Healthy-Aging goals!

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​Let me teach you how to set realistic goals that fit your entrepreneur lifestyle. Need to drop those sneaky pounds or get rid of that back ache? Will moving better help you hit the trails or play with kids? I give you the custom roadmap to enjoy the reasons you work, whatever that looks like for you.​

2 ) You ​struggle with time management

​It takes you too long to start. You’re distracted or scrolling the timeline. You’re up late, groggy in the morning, and you keep making simple mistakes as you slog through your day. Suddenly, you’re right up against the deadline, promising yourself, "I'll never do this again."

Online personal training gives you structure, accountability, and mental clarity. Regular exercise helps you prioritize, so you can find your flow when it’s time to work.

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3) You're frustrated with your stop and go

​In better moments, you’ve committed to joining the gym or exercising at home. Looked up a few workouts, bought some new clothes, maybe even gotten on a few machines.

If you were extra committed, you may have tried one of those fad diets or an intro session with that trainer at the gym, figuring they would help you lose at least a couple pounds.

But even with such a good idea, most people end up quitting, causing them to fall short of their production potential with optimal health.

Why ​​entrepreneurs quit exercising:

Without a step-by-step, custom workout program, most ​get lost.

​They ​get stuck guessing what frequency, exercises, sets, and repetition ranges match their goals, and it never seems to fit their schedule.

​4) In person training doesn't work for you

​You know that working with a trainer gets you the most results in the least time. You get a workout program customized to your goals and strengths, so you don’t have to guess which exercises, sets, repetitions, and foods you need. But as a business owner, you also need:

  • ​flexibility that fits your varying schedule
  • an experienced trainer who understands workplace wellness, nutrition education, and the entrepreneur lifestyle (instead of a trainer taking any client to reach their sales quota)​

5) You need to see progress quickly

​Fit for Freelance provides easy-to-use technology to track and visualize your progress. Follow charts as you reach the short-term goals you set, like increased time or intensity since last session, then watch the small steps add up to your bigger goals- weight loss, increased muscle tone, better work, feeling your best ,etc.

Also, check-in with me, record notes, and get the comprehensive exercise video library.

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About the Author

Reggie Wilson is the founder of Fit for Freelance. He's a certified worksite wellness program manager, certified online trainer etc., but he most wants every entrepreneur to know how to lead the healthy, fulfilling life of their dreams. Read more about him here