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How Online Personal Training Works

​Fit for Freelance is more than a wellness blog!

​Wondering how online personal training works?

​What are the benefits of online personal training?

What is Fit for Freelance, how do you talk about it, and why should you share it?​

These are serious questions I've been working to answer since February 2018! I want it to be as easy as possible for you to talk about this important project I'm working on. Let's get into it:

online personal training with fitforfreelance

When my friends and followers don't know I'm an online personal trainer

​I sell Customized online personal training programs!


The Fit for Freelance Mission: To improve entrepreneurs' productivity and health so they enjoy why they work

​How online personal training works:

You read my impressive wellness blog for some time. It's in 5 main categories designed to help you stress less, feel great, and work better:

  • Exercise
  • Food/ Nutrition
  • Disease prevention
  • Freelance business/ Mindset
  • About me
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Tell your friends about Fit for Freelance!

You share with social media buttons ​or copy to share ​this post.

Practice it with me now, "My friend Reggie has this site Have you heard of it?"

With your help, the blog reaches millions of readers. Many enjoy working more effectively on ​​their ​​​world-changing missions​​​​​​, ​​​​​​spending more time smiling with family and friends, and more on travel than health care. Beautiful, right? It doesn't have to stop there.

Eventually, you or someone you know thinks one of the following things:
  1. These blog tips are helpful and convincing, and I'm ready to take action with the free 28-day Health Habits Challenge (click to learn more)!
  2. Reggie knows his stuff- I wonder what we could do with a custom program? Keep reading...
  3. ​Business is going well, but I know there's some way it can be going better.
  4. My body is gettin a little soft and jiggly, and I need a coach who fits my schedule.

Experience EXACTLY How Much Better You'll Feel and Work with Better Health Habits!

​​You've been meaning to

  • angle-right
    ​Finally get back in shape, or do it for the first time
  • angle-right
    ​Parent, study, or run your business with the energy it deserves
  • angle-right
    Start doing you, making better choices towards your goals 
  • angle-right
    See ​how much you can enjoy your life and business

​But instead you always

  • angle-right
    Say yes to helping others at your expense
  • angle-right
    Procrastinate, refresh newsfeeds, snooze alarms, binge Netflix and Hulu
  • angle-right
    Give up on crazy diets and exercise
  • angle-right
    ​Wake up tired
  • angle-right
    ​Feel stressed
  • angle-right
    ​Need clear guidance and support

​Featured benefits of online personal training with Fit for Freelance:

​​Focus faster and stay fresh so you ​actually enjoy work, get more done in less time, and feel energized for the reasons you work.

Build your confidence and business. Command the ​lifestyle and clientele you want by ​becoming a better entrepreneur.

Get custom coaching by me (Reggie Wilson)- your wellness coach, personal trainer, and freelance medical writer. ​​I guide your journey to protect your most valuable asset- your health.

​Next, you visit my coaching page (CLICK HERE) and think:

Wow, this speaks exactly to me! I'm going to click the "Apply ​to Join" button and fill out the 72-second (literally!) questionnaire.


​Not. Maybe the time's not right,​ you haven't gained enough weight yet, or you were just waiting on a post like this to start feeling great and working better on your own.


​You didn't know things like:

​Skipping exercise is bad for your business. ​Right now:

Less blood flow to brain- decreased focus and creativity It takes more time and effort to start, stay locked in, and produce mistake-free work

You decrease your hourly rate, you're tired when you finish, with no energy to enjoy your family, ​friends, or hobbies. (You didn't get into freelancing for a ​worse ​quality of life, did you?)​​​

Low exercise is a risk for over 35 chronic health conditions, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, pain, constipation, arthritis, cognitive dysfunction...  Medications cost money.  Plus doctor's appointments, sick days, and not being able to concentrate.

freelance price negotiation

Time spent off work, "absenteeism," and unproductive time at work, "presenteeism," are huge problems for businesses: productivity losses linked to absenteeism costs employers $1,685 per employee per year.​ Promoting safe and healthy work practices boosts profitability and productivity among employers of all sizes.  Worker Illness Costs

Presenteeism is even worse, ​with costs ranging from $555-$5,750 per employee per year. Presenteeism Costs in 28 Studies

​(There's MUCH more research, but I don't want to bore you!)


​The coaching page doesn't address your needs. I'm always looking to improve; contact me and maybe I'll add it in!


​You're not sure how online personal training works yet! Keep reading...

​After filling out the application:

I review it and reply according to how I think we'll fit.

You schedule a free call. We talk about your goals, challenges, benefits, and schedule.

​I customize a workout training program that fits your schedule, skills, equipment, and preferences. (I have ​packages starting at $95/month!) You also get an intro guide with tips on gym etiquette and safety, nutrition, and general health guidelines.

Fit for Freelance Online Personal Training

You get complimentary access to your custom program in a ​state-of-the-art ​scheduling, recording, and exercise instruction app called Trainerize.

Depending on your ​package, we chat via phone or teleconference to check your training progress, how it's affecting your business, and review wellness and nutrition habits. Accountability to help you ​lead the life you want?? Unbelievable!

​In conclusion

Fit for Freelance is not just an important project- it's a wellness community that everyone should know about! Now that you know how online personal training works, the biggest reasons you wouldn't share this site and blog are:

​1) You don't know anyone who would find it relevant

​2) You don't mind if the people in your life feel great and work better

​3) I haven't asked directly enough. Watch this...

​If you know someone who would benefit from online personal training or this wellness blog, please share!

About the Author

Reggie Wilson is the founder of Fit for Freelance. He's a certified worksite wellness program manager, certified online trainer etc., but he's really just a guy who loves health science and helping people lead their best lives. Read more about him here

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