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Graduation- 3 Tips to Enjoy It for Freelancers

‚ÄčIt's graduation season!


The more I learn, the better I understand what graduation is; a checkpoint marking the end of one phase, and the starting point of another.

It's a good time to reflect.

‚ÄčEvents with cake are the ones that highlight the steady progression of time. Telling stories of how things used to be, looking through memories of a loved one, and spending time with people who made the journey easier and more fun. 

Here are 3 quick reminders to enjoying graduation with the ones you love, whether it's yours or someone else's!

celebrate graduation!

‚ÄčGraduation is a celebration of ‚Äčthe journey!


1) Celebrate‚Äč‚Äč!- Take time to enjoy these special moments. Instead of always rushing towards the next goal, school, or job, look at what you've just ‚Äčaccomplished. 

‚ÄčAre you missing once in a lifetime memories for an assignment and money you won't even remember? Planning helps, whether telling clients when you're unavailable, or prioritizing your time so you finish early and get to relax (or party!).

2) Practice gratitude- Countless things have to go right for someone to graduate. Oftentimes, our small communities of peers narrow our perspectives to take these things for granted. At celebrations, look at the people who supported our journey, appreciate all the things that went well, and reconnect with friends along the way.

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3) Reflect- Are you heading towards things you find valuable and want to do in your life?‚Äč Do you keep postponing your dreams and big goals? Have you been waiting for X to happen before you start that weight loss journey? Anyone's graduation is a reminder to take action towards your goals immediately, even if in tiny steps.

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What does graduation mean to you? Leave a comment below!

PS congrats all the grads, especially my little sister!

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