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Travel Food: 6 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road

So you're going on the road!

Or in a plane. Maybe you live in a van, or you're going to a conference, or ‚Äčthat long awaited vacation.‚Äč Point is, you're going to be away from the traditional comforts of "home," and you want to know what travel food to eat. Here are 6 tips for eating healthy on the road!

travel food for eating healthy on the road

‚Äč#1 Start with Protein

‚ÄčIt's easy to grab something carb heavy and quick to start your travel days, but you'll be hungry far from home in a couple hours. Eat a breakfast with eggs, peanut butter, yogurt, or low-fat cottage cheese to kick your journeys off on the right foot.

‚Äč#2 Smart Snacks are travel food!

‚ÄčSnack foods are notorious for being high in sugar and sodium. Pack and pick satisfying foods to keep you energized, like almonds, peanuts, trail mix, pretzels, or popcorn. Durable fruits like oranges and apples are perfect for ‚Äčeating healthy on the road!

eating healthy on the road

‚Äč#3 Get Groceries!

‚ÄčRemember the place you're going probably has a grocery store. When on the road, we sometimes forget we can buy regular groceries. Stop at the market by your hotel to pick up some produce and lower fat foods.

‚Äč#4 At the ‚ÄčRestaurant

‚ÄčEating at a restaurant doesn't have to be unhealthy. Choosing steamed vegetables for sides reduces your calories from fat while keeping your fiber intake and energy high.

Restaurant portion sizes can be double recommended serving sizes. ‚ÄčAsk for a take home container when you order your food so you don't feel pressured to clear your plate.

Look out for the complimentary foods- breadsticks, garlic bread, biscuits, chips and salsa, etc. Mindlessly snacking on appetizers while you wait can weigh you down!

‚ÄčYou look great today! - Complimentary Bread

‚Äč#5 Be Flexible and Forgiving

‚ÄčHere's the big one: It's okay if you make a less healthy choice! Remember, you're on the road and you don't have your fridge or kitchen, so you have to be flexible and forgiving. Plus, sometimes you just want to eat something greasy! Enjoy it, then do your best to get back on track.

Travelers often tell themselves, "Well, I've already eaten the double bacon cheesecake extra large with the milkshake with a slice of cheesecake in it, so my whole day/trip is shot. Might as well take the ice cream bucket challenge." I know exactly how this happens... but it's the least helpful choice you can make!

A better approach: Think about your goals- if you don't feel great physically or in self-image after making less healthy choices, it's an chance to improve.

Forgive yourself, be glad you indulged a bit, and make sure your next choice feels energizing and empowering.

‚ÄčYou are in control of your travel food choices!

‚Äč#6 Drink Water

‚ÄčDrinking enough water lets you feel calm and satisfied with positive emotions. Research shows dehydration causes tiredness and loss of concentration.

Keep a reusable water bottle in your bag or cup holder. If you're flying, remember you can bring an empty bottle through the checkpoint to refill once you're at the gate.

Check out this Woman's Day article highlighting some of the healthiest foods at popular fast food and casual restaurants.

‚ÄčWhat‚Äč's your go-to travel food?

Leave a comment below with your own tips for eating healthy on the road. I saw some recommendations to bring your spiralizer??

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