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25 Awesome Gifts for Freelancers

​It's the holiday season! The time for Michael Buble and gift giving, so you've been shopping hard for others (and probably yourself too)! But do you wonder what to tell people is on your wish list? What about investments in your home office that ​would make your job easier?

​Check out 25 Awesome Gifts for Freelancers from fellow freelance writer and founder of Healthy Freelancers, Andrew Carter. He made the list so we don't have to!

(If you're thinking about the blue light blocking glasses, wait until next week's blog post. I'm researching and writing why they may ​not ​be effective in protecting your vision!)

​What's on your holiday wish list? Leave a comment below!

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Reggie Wilson is the founder of Fit for Freelance. He's a certified worksite wellness program manager, certified online trainer etc., but he most wants every entrepreneur to know how to lead the healthy, fulfilling life of their dreams. Read more about him here