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Freelance Wellness is Finally Here!

​​Presenting Fit for Freelance!

​​Fit for Freelance: The wellness community for entrepreneurs who want to stress less, feel great, and work better. 

Workplace wellness for those who work where they want! Online tips, personal training, and support get you feeling your best so you enjoy more of what you love in life and work.

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​Though I'm ​marketing to freelancers and entrepreneurs, the online wellness movement is for anyone without access to wellness resources and consulting where they work.  Small businesses with flexible schedules are the most vulnerable- consultants, parents, healthcare professionals, attorneys, designers, real estate agents, ​accountants, researchers, students, artists, stylists, etc.

In the beginning... (Why do freelance?)

​I love to write and to teach science. My about page covers most of the background for how I started freelance medical writing. Basically,

  • I wanted to teach health science to more people than I could meet in a day
  • Morning commutes are lame
  • I hate asking  permission to take vacation

Relatable, I know.

How did Fit for Freelance start?

​Each year, I look forward to the American Medical Writers Association annual conference. When I saw the request for presentations in February 2018, I figured freelance medical writers would love to learn how their health choices help them work better. Think about it- 

  • Feeling bad or sick sucks:
    • ​You can't work well, or at all
    • ​Your biggest focus is getting healthy again
  • People spend a lot of money on health care
  • Companies are investing billions of dollars annually into their employee health and productivity with wellness programs
  • ​Small business owners have fewer benefits and protections available to employees of large companies

​Maybe I can make a difference...

Once my presentation proposal got accepted, the sky was the limit. The national association found freelance wellness important enough for my colleagues, and tons of ​entrepreneurs don't recognize the value of their health. They just know they're stressed and exhausted

I thought someone should do worksite wellness for freelancers full time. Someone like a certified worksite wellness program manager, freelance medical writer, or certified personal trainer who works in public health. That'd be cool...

Realizing I am the exact person for this project made it a responsibility. I stopped asking if I could, and wondered what if I don't? Those frustrated freelancers slogging through work and declining health, without the time or energy to enjoy what they want? But only until someone else comes up with the idea, when I'd regretfully say, "I thought about doing that, but I was too afraid/busy/didn't know how."

Someone is going to do it; it's going to be me.

I didn't know anything about marketing. But I am an expert researcher and a quick study. I researched and made hundreds of decisions on  how to reach the people I wanted to help, consulting offerings, platforms, and the business's progression. Maybe you know what this is like- working full time, then coming home to more work on nights and weekends. Moments you just want to unwind or ​hang out with friends are the only moments to work on your business.

Three key lessons every ​entrepreneur should remember:

  1. Time is our most valuable resource
  2. ​Health and self-care are the foundation of your business
  3. Get support and advice when you need them

​So... why did I create Fit for Freelance?

​However challenging the steps were, the motivation was simple- we need ​this community and wellness resource. The lives of millions of freelancers- individuals with big goals; businesses, people, and the families they love- have been waiting for someone to create it. I owed it to ​our community to get this launched as soon as I could.

​It has already been worth it! And the best is yet to come.​

The vision is clear. The time is now. Fit for Freelance is here! Browse around; I'm sure you'll see some things to help you enjoy the reasons you work!

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About the Author

Reggie Wilson is the founder of Fit for Freelance. He's a certified worksite wellness program manager, certified online trainer etc., but he most wants every entrepreneur to know how to lead the healthy, fulfilling life of their dreams. Read more about him here

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