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Fit for Freelance Online Personal Training

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    Cut stress and focus faster so you ​actually enjoy the holidays, get more done in less time, and feel energized
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    ​Get the exact steps to lose 10 pounds before 2020 on your busy schedule. Protect your most valuable asset- your health
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    Build your confidence and business. Command the ​lifestyle you want with BIG MOMENTUM into the next decade

Imagine your perfect low-stress work day:


  • ​wake up with bright eyes at a reasonable hour
  • ​start when you want (no procrastination!)
  • ​have clarity and focus while you work, with few mistakes
  • ​feel good escaping your desk when you said you would
  • spend precious time with family or friends
  • enjoy most aspects of your business
  • save for that epic trip you've been planning

​You work hard taking your business to the next level. But if you're "too busy" to think about health, your health is keeping you from your best work...

​If you're a freelancer, consultant, online entrepreneur, service professional, or small business owner, you know the quality and rate of your work are key to your business success.

When freelancing and personal training while working full-time, I learned the procrastination and loss of focus that come from poor exercise, nutrition, and self-care habits. However, I also learned how a custom ​wellness plan gets you on track to ​feel great and work better while you build the lifestyle you want.

​Medical costs are higher than ever. ​What's worse, costs from lost productivity on the job are higher- accounting for 18-60% of all costs for the top 10 physical health conditions. Medical Cost Trend, Health Cost Estimates

​As a busy entrepreneur, you’d rather not lose time and money being unable to work on important projects. I teach you how to stay healthy so you don’t miss work from sickness or exhaustion.

Hidden benefits of online personal training with Fit for Freelance:


Increase Work Productivity

Stop stressing! ​Focus better and do more in less time. ​​Get through your work sooner so you can fit more into your day- work or play


​​Enjoy More

Whether you love your work, work for what you love, or both, the energy from exercise and improved nutrition keep your important things from feeling like chores


​Build Confidence

Thrive in your business and personal ​​goals as you build positive habits ​to accomplish what you once thought impossible

You already know you should take better care of yourself, but following through has been a different story

Exercise! Nutrition! Right. I'm on it.

​But where do I start?

Whether you've never thought about exercise or tried a thousand times, it's ​OK; you're normal.

​Maybe you've had a New Year's resolution, joined the gym, or started exercise at home. Looked up a few workouts, bought some new clothes, maybe even gotten on a few machines.

If you were extra committed, you ​tried one of those fad diets or an intro session with that trainer at the gym, figuring they would help you lose at least a couple pounds.

But even with such good intentions, most people quit and fall short of their production potential.

Why ​​entrepreneurs quit exercising:

Without a step-by-step, custom workout program, most ​get lost.

​They ​get stuck guessing what frequency, exercises, sets, and repetition ranges match their goals, and it never seems to fit their schedule.

​Why ​skipping exercise is bad for your business:

​Right now*:

Less blood flow to brain- decreased focus and creativity

It takes more time and effort to start, stay locked in, and produce mistake-free work

Long work days= low hourly rate. You're tired when you finish, with no energy to enjoy your family, ​friends, or hobbies. You didn't get into freelancing for a ​worse ​quality of life, did you?​​​

Bonus NOPE: more cortisol- the hormone at high levels associated with anxiety, depression, weight gain, and heart disease

*​The immediate effects of better choices make good habits stick! In fact, research shows you'll exercise more when focused on improving daily quality of life instead of "health" and "healthy aging."Rebranding Exercise

​It gets worse. Low exercise is a risk for over 35 chronic health conditions, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, pain, constipation, arthritis, cognitive dysfunction...

Medication costs money.  Plus doctor's appointments, sick days, and not being able to concentrate.

Maybe you'll cross those bridges when you get to them.

But time spent off work, "absenteeism," and unproductive time at work, "presenteeism," are huge problems for businesses:

​The CDC says productivity losses linked to absenteeism costs employers $1,685 per employee per year.​ Promoting safe and healthy work practices boosts profitability and productivity among employers of all sizes.  Worker Illness Costs

Presenteeism is even worse, ​with costs ranging from $555-$5,750 per employee per year. Presenteeism Costs in 28 Studies

As your business owner, you absorb all of your health-related productivity costs.

Not paying attention is like sending payments ​back to your ​clients


​Fit for Freelance Presents:

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Why Online Personal Training?

  • Customized, printable workout programs delivered to any device
  • Flexibility to do workouts at times that fit your schedule- no need to coordinate
  • Hundreds of professional in-app exercise instruction videos
  • Track, see, and celebrate your progress with charts and achievement badges

Why Coach Reggie Wilson?

  • Public health nutrition educator, worksite wellness consultant, and certified personal trainer who coaches the mindset that gets clients results
  • Empathy and experience to make smart adjustments for your needs
  • Freelance medical education writer simplifies the what, why, and how of medical science and research for clients, and understands the challenges of freelancing wilsonmedicalwriting.com
  • ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist training in corrective exercises for posture and back, shoulder, and knee injuries
  • Master of Science degree in Medical Sciences
  • Certificate as a Worksite Wellness Program Manager from National Wellness Institute
  • Graduate Certificate in Positive Behavior Support- intervention coaching to replace challenging behaviors with positive ones
  • 2x marathoner with international rugby experience

​Get the coaching to take your business to the next level!

Online Personal Training with Fit for Freelance

​Enjoy your workdays

Improve your business

Feel great

Yes, you can live the ​entrepreneur life of your dreams!


​Health is key to your ​productivity and work/life balance

Commit to your business, goals, ​the people you care about, and yourself by starting today


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​​​7 weeks

​Coaching and custom programs for less stress and more productivity


185 /biweekly

​197 For the rest of the DECADE!

(Save $​​​695 with this deal)

  • ​​Weekly coaching calls (phone or web)
  • ​​7 weeks of customized programs
  • ​Program design call
  • ​Program adjustments
  • Wellness consulting
  • ​Nutrition education
  • Email support
  • Training app

Looking for ​more frequent or exclusive guidance, in-person consults, remote employer offerings, or something more? Fill out the ​application to design ​executive coaching.

"How do I know this is ​what I need, right now?"

​​(I get it. I once spent 45 minutes comparing irons in the laundry section)​​​​

​Here's Your Sign:

Your people need you to be your best. You:

  • feel like you're not showing up for your family and friends after slogging through tough work ​days
  • or your clients waste time with careless errors in your work

You need ​you​ to be your best. You:

  • want to come alive pouring your soul into your work
  • ​strive for excellence, ​seeking every advantage to provide ​the best service (and value! $$) for your customers
  • ​​actually ​feel​ the sluggishness when you start your work day​​​. It feels a ​bit too much like working that old salaried position...
  • ​sense something's keeping you from feeling satisfied. Freelancing is hard work, but it should be fun too, right?

​​​​​You're gaining weight. It's sneaky at first- your pants fit ​a little tighter, the scale counts higher, you buy new pants, your doctor passive-aggressively says you ​could lose some weight, a kid calls you fat, someone asks when your baby's due...

It's easy to put this off as "just a little cushion," but it's not going to stop automatically. Your daily choices are major factors in your weight and health. 

  • How will you stop or reverse ​​​​this weight gain?
  • When? 

​​​You're reading this ​page. ​None of this is a mistake. ​You know​ you need to make a change and you're searching for a solution. ​​​You know you're ​moments away from taking the next step to the best productivity and health of your ​career. I've spent ​many late nights and long months ​developing Fit for Freelance because I know it's a service ​you​ need.​ Yes, you. I'm committed, are you?

​The time to act is now.​

Establishing new habits is hard enough; it's plain difficult without guidance and accountability. Can you afford to wait any longer?

​​​7 weeks

​Coaching and custom programs for less stress and more productivity

$185 /biweekly

​$197​for the rest of the ​DECADE!

(Save $​​​695 with this deal)

  • ​​Weekly coaching calls (phone or web)
  • ​​7 weeks of customized programs
  • ​Program design call
  • ​Program adjustments
  • Wellness consulting
  • ​Nutrition education
  • Email support
  • Training app

30-Day Any Reason Money Back Guarantee

You​'re fully protected by ​my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee​- if you don't enjoy this offer and its benefits over the next 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

​I'm committed to empowering your achievement so you can enjoy what you love most in work and life



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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​Can I work with you if I have a medical condition?

​How do we start?

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