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Jennifer Lopez Birthday Bikini- 52 looks GREAT on her!

Jennifer Lopez in St. Tropez- doesn't she look amazing at 52?  You don't have to be JLo or 52 years old to look and feel great in a swimsuit.  If you're inspired, you can start today with this demo of one of her workouts.

Here's the workout I found from Hello Magazine. Hope it helps you take ownership of your path to freedom and fitness!

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The Jennifer Lopez birthday bikini shows you can prioritize health and fitness at any age with the right resources and mindset

So if you don't know me, welcome. I'm Reggie, the Guilt-free Weight Loss Coach at Fit for Freelance. I build adaptive business leaders through compassionate health coaching. This Jennifer Lopez birthday bikini story could be big, so I wanted to share the news because she is looking fit! I  even took the next step by recording a JLo workout demonstration video too.

J Lo's not my client, but I'm sure she's using the parts of the Guilt-free Framework to build confidence, realistic focus, and accountability to maintain her health goals.

self-compassion for weight loss

In conclusion

Being healthy isn't just about having a great workout, some crazy restrictive diet, celebrating birthdays, or being JLo. The keys are confidence, realistic focus and accountability. If you're ready to start leading the healthy, fulfilling life of your dreams, subscribe to my YouTube and watch some of my videos. 

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Keep practicing!

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