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Stop Waiting to Make Your Dreams Your Reality!

How was 2018?

End of year is a great time to review your progress, check on your goals, and set new ones. If you're loose, ​tighten up! It's time to set your mind right, make your dreams into goals, and your goals into reality. This year, if you haven't already, upgrade your goals into SMART objectives:

​Goal setting is the key to defining and striving for success

"​Reg, I just go by how I feel."

Freelancers like us are notorious for freewheeling. One of my mentors ​asked, "How's that working for you? You measure distance with a yardstick to see how far a distance is. How are you measuring good feelings? Is there a feel good stick?"

I was 23, so I laughed. But I never forgot the message: Goal setting is the key to defining and striving for success.

​Goals: ​Think & Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill's ​81 year-old business classic Think & Grow Rich has 15 chapters on goal setting and creating the mindset to plan for, attract, and accept money. The book ​helps whether you want to provide the valuable service or product your audience needs or set goals to improve your hobby.

In Chapter 2, "Desire," Hill lays out a 6 step plan to make a plan turn your desires into gold:

  1. Determine the precise amount of money you desire
  2. Specify what value you will provide in return
  3. Establish a date you will ​have the money
  4. Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire. Start ​right away- not when you have everything lined up or when [xyz] happens.
  5. Write a concise statement of the amount of money, the time limit, what you plan to give in return for the money, and describe the plan 
  6. Read your written statement aloud at least twice a day- once before bed, and once when you wake up. See and feel your customers' satisfaction as you help them to the outcomes they expect, and believe you are already in possession of the money.

​My goal? Provide stunning online personal training service that empowers 10 or more freelancers and small business owners to do their best work by ​March 1st, 2019.

Does this "goal setting" stuff actually work?

So far, yes.

With a clear vision and deadline, the process of building a business is going better than before.

It's inspiring to visualize people saying, "Work doesn't seem as hard since I started working with Reggie." 

Laughing with their kids at the park because they were able to finish their work faster. 

​Feeling UNSTOPPABLE from reaching their training and business goals, further empowering them to work better than ever before.

​That's valuable!

​When I think of those client outcomes and relate them to my business goals, it's much easier to find ways to make it happen. Remembering I want to coach people how to live better and healthier actually makes me feel like typing health tips, creating content, and preparing to take on clients.

Instead of wasting time, I take advantage of shorter moments to work on business projects. Planning intermediate steps toward my goal becomes second nature, and I combine ideas in ways and moments I wouldn't expect!

Plus, nothing bad can happen when you're visualizing and planning for success.

​Something refreshing about Hill's book- it's not all about grinding yourself ​to death at work. Some influencers ​make it​ seem like sleep is a waste of time, and if you're breathing, you'd better be working.

Of course, ​some moments ​feel like that. However, this book is about​ manifesting your goals by removing ​obstacles and prohibitive thoughts. It starts with setting clear targets and moving towards them without waiting for perfect conditions.

​So often, we get stuck in the trap of waiting, or over-researching. Haven't you done ​enough of that in 2018?

​Maybe you started procrastinating before then? Or you used to have goals, but you didn't keep up with or update them? It's time to set your mind right, make your dreams into goals, and your goals into reality.

It starts with knowing precisely what you want to do. I recommend Think & Grow Rich (affiliate link) to any freelancer who's learning about goal setting or taking their mindset and business to new heights in the coming months. ​

If you want a different perspective on goal setting, check out marketing guru Amy Porterfield's recent podcast episode 7 Things You Must Do When Planning for 2019 (My Best Revenue Boosting Ideas).

Stop waiting- Let's ​make it a great year!

​After doing the exercise, what's your biggest goal? Type it into existence below!

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