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Depression: Know Your Risk (and Start Exercising!)

depression screening

‚ÄčLet’s talk about depressionPer the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, a major depressive episode can: ‚Äčcause you to feel persistently sad, anxious, hopeless, guilty, or worthlessmake it harder to concentrate, remember, or make decisionslead to overeating and weight gain, or low appetite and weight losscause insomnia or oversleepinglead to thoughts of death or suicideSymptoms […]

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How to Start Running: 6 Tips for Entrepreneurs

how to start running, entrepreneurs

‚ÄčWondering how to start running?You’re curious why thousands of people pay to not win a race, or perhaps you’re looking for a new hobby or habit to spend more time outside. ‚ÄčThough I’ve played sports my whole life, I used to think distance running was silly. But my first race was dedicated to a family member, […]

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Cycling Benefits for Entrepreneurs: 5 Reasons

benefits of biking, entrepreneur

What does cycling have to do with your business?Looking through my instagram (@fitforfreelance), it’s easy to tell I’m a fan of biking. I try to get out a few times a week. Also, part of my full time job is teaching the community and policy makers how ‚Äčbike-friendly places get people more active and improve […]

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How Online Personal Training Works

freelance wellness

‚ÄčFit for Freelance is more than a wellness blog!‚ÄčWondering how online personal training works? ‚ÄčWhat are the benefits of online personal training?‚ÄčWhat is Fit for Freelance, how do you talk about it, and why should you share it?‚Äč These are serious questions I’ve been working to answer since February 2018! I want it to be easy for […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder: 5 Tips to Fight Winter Blues

seasonal affective disorder

It’s ‚Äčthat time of year…The holidays are over, ‚Äčdaylight is short, and you haven’t felt sun on your body in months. If you’ve got a sad, gloomy feeling that’s hard to shake, you may be having some symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, sometimes called winter depression. Depending on where you live, 0-10% of the population […]

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New Health.gov Activity Guidelines: 8 Things to Know

In November 2018, the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (health.gov) released the 2nd Edition of Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, after a decade of research since the 1st edition. Here are the 8 biggest ‚Äčtakeaways‚Äč:‚ÄčHealth guidelines recommend 22 minutes of activity per day Even more research ‚Äčindicates adults need 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity […]

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Start Exercise if You Hate Exercise: 3 Tips

How do you “start exercise?”A top benefit of freelancing and entrepreneurship is owning your schedule. But don’t you hate those things that still make it so hard to ‚Äčexercise? Maybe you’ve never ‚Äčtried it before, ‚Äčdidn’t think it was important, or ‚Äčdon’t think you have ‚Äčtime. But now that you’re thinking about it, how ‚Äčwould ‚Äčyou start?‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčKnowing […]

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Exercise May Boost Work Productivity by 12%

start running, freelance health

‚ÄčLooking for a simple way to improve your business?As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to see exercise as taking away from work time. It’s not always fun, and ‚Äčyou might miss how it could ever help your business and work productivity.  But there’s much more to the picture. Whether just taking more breaks, standing more often, working […]

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