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Cycling Benefits for Entrepreneurs: 5 Reasons

benefits of biking, entrepreneur

What does cycling have to do with your business?Looking through my instagram (@fitforfreelance), it’s easy to tell I’m a fan of biking. I try to get out a few times a week. Also, part of my full time job is teaching the community and policy makers how ‚Äčbike-friendly places get people more active and improve […]

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Reduce Stress Now: 6 Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs

reduce stress freelance

‚ÄčNeed ‚Äčto reduce stress?It’s never fun- that heart-racy, sweaty, mental haze, complete with clumsy fingers and choice words. You’ve got to meet someone’s unrealistic expectations with too much going on at once, with your crazy family or to-do list, or you’ve waited until the last minute to finish a project.: ‚ÄčHow to Beat Laziness, Self-Doubt, […]

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Anxiety? Perfectionism? How to Stop Self Criticism ASAP

stop self criticism

Wondering how to stop self criticism?Are you a perfectionist with a “strong type A personality,” or do people say you are? Want to know how to stop being so hard on yourself and your work? Being particular is good. But unchecked, perfectionism can be crippling and lead to our persistent enemy: procrastination. Research also links self-criticism to vulnerability […]

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How Online Personal Training Works

freelance wellness

‚ÄčFit for Freelance is more than a wellness blog!‚ÄčWondering how online personal training works? ‚ÄčWhat are the benefits of online personal training?‚ÄčWhat is Fit for Freelance, how do you talk about it, and why should you share it?‚Äč These are serious questions I’ve been working to answer since February 2018! I want it to be easy for […]

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Price your Service: Experience is not an Entitlement

freelance mindset

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment below!This attitude, when interpreted literally, is likely to hold you back as a freelancer.This post by Davy Greenberg resonated throughout freelance and solopreneur social media profiles last month. This same concept applies to less artistic experts too, like locksmiths, computer experts, and mechanics. As a freelance medical writer, I’m interested in improving […]

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Improve Memory and Business, with Poetry?

Would improving your memory boost your business? What does poetry have to do with any of this, Reggie?? You know when those old songs come up on the radio, playlist, or shuffle, and you know every. single. word? Songs you haven’t heard in years- What’s My Name? My Name Is. Say My Name. (What’s My Age Again?) […]

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Government Shutdown and 4 Other Reasons You Should Start Your Own Business

‚ÄčWhat do you mean the government shut down?? Should you start your own business? I don’t mean to get into politics… ‚ÄčBut I might. Don’t push me. (Pray for me please.) However, we just saw some of ‚ÄčAmerica’s allegedly most stable (federal) jobs ‚Äčshut down, leaving employees without pay for 35 days. Families who thought they had steady […]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder: 5 Tips to Fight Winter Blues

seasonal affective disorder

It’s ‚Äčthat time of year…The holidays are over, ‚Äčdaylight is short, and you haven’t felt sun on your body in months. If you’ve got a sad, gloomy feeling that’s hard to shake, you may be having some symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, sometimes called winter depression. Depending on where you live, 0-10% of the population […]

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You Need More Sleep. 5 Tips to Get It

How much sleep do you need?Do you wake up tired?Do you often read the same line several times, or feel like you lack clarity of thought? Do you set multiple alarms, or do you snooze more than once most mornings? The average adult sleeps less than 7 hours per night. How much do you  usually sleep?adequate […]

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