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​3 Secrets to Clean Eating for Weight Loss

clean eating for weight loss

3 Secrets to Clean Eating for Weight LossWhat is clean eating? How do you do it? I bet you’re finally ready to make a change. I’ll give you 3 secrets (plus a bonus tip) for clean eating for weight loss, but let’s start by looking at when it doesn’t work right. Watch the video on […]

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Jennifer Lopez Birthday Bikini- STUNNING at 52!

Jennifer Lopez Birthday Bikini- 52 looks GREAT on her!Jennifer Lopez in St. Tropez- doesn’t she look amazing at 52?  You don’t have to be JLo or 52 years old to look and feel great in a swimsuit.  If you’re inspired, you can start today with this demo of one of her workouts. Here’s the workout I […]

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Jaw Closing Device for Weight Loss, DentalSlim, is Polarizing


The POLARIZING new jaw-closing device for weight loss, DentalSlimTell me right now- would you get your jaw magnetized shut?On June 25, 2021, the University of Otago in New Zealand published a study in the British Dental Journal about a new magnetic device that limits opening your mouth to 2mm to help with weight loss. Here’s a […]

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Wegovy Weight Loss Shot FDA Approved, but Is It the Solution?

Wegovy is FDA approved, but is it the solution?Wegovy weight loss injections have been approved- can they help you?On June 4, 2021, the U.S. FDA approved Wegovy, semaglutide injections for chronic weight management in adults with obesity or overweight with at least one weight-related condition. Here’s a revised transcript of my YouTube video, where I discuss […]

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Stop Yo Yo Dieting if You Want to Lose Weight

stop yo yo dieting

Stop Yo-Yo Dieting if You Want to Lose WeightDo you get stuck with your weight loss and end up yo yo dieting?I’m going to tell you how to stop yo-yo dieting, why yo-yo dieting is old school and why you’re always bouncing back and forth, trying to reach some health goal that’s not set up […]

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Action Bronson Weight Loss

Action Bronson Weight Loss- how he dropped 130 pounds!Action Bronson, the entertaining rapper/ chef/ tv host/ author aka Mr. Baklava aka Bronsolini aka Bam Bam is leading the healthy, fulfilling life of his dreams. Action Bronson weight loss is a popular topic while he’s promoting his new book- he’s down 130 pounds in the year since […]

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Entrepreneur Goals- Setting Successful 90-day Goals

Entrepreneur Goals for Adaptive Business LeadersReady to set quarterly business or health goals?There are tons of reasons and excuses to get stuck, casually implementing, and not hitting our entrepreneur goals.  So you are doing the exact same thing you were doing  3 months ago, or at the beginning of the year, like that New Year’s Eve […]

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Self Compassion for Weight Loss & Guilt-free Resilience

freelance wellness

Self Compassion for Weight Loss and Guilt-free Resilience! It’s easy to think the way to our goals is being tougher on ourselves, especially when trying to change our habits. People take on all or nothing diets, unrealistic workout schedules, and my least favorite, harsh self-criticism. We act like the secret to success is tough talk from […]

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Weight Loss Discipline and Motivation Can Be Easy

weight loss discipline

Weight loss discipline doesn’t mean you have to train like a Navy SEAL Controversial take- hardcore disciplinarian approaches by military commanders like Jocko Willink and David Goggins just might not work for you.That’s right. I said it. In fact, thinking you need perfect, strict implementation can keep you from even starting!I even made a video […]

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Coronavirus Fear, Anxiety? 9 Tips to EMPOWER

COVID-19 got you stressed? You’re not the only one! All the coronavirus fear, anxiety, and guilt makes it hard to feel in control of important choices. Can you visit family and friends? Should you travel during coronavirus? Do you have concerns about returning to school during COVID?  You’re ready to empower your choices. Here’s my […]

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